Monday, December 27, 2010

"Best of" quotes from the Keepers, 2010.

Hello friends,
Thank you for being on the ride with me throughout this powerful, amazing and wonderful year! In the process of archiving some of the material for the upcoming ebook, I thought it would be good to share some of the material from throughout the year. Thank you again for your support of my work and enjoy! For those that might be new to my work and blog, the "Keepers" are the Akashic Wisdom Keepers collective that I have been in communication with since 2007.

Your minds really are that powerful. They can convince you that you are so many things for good or for ill. When it comes to enlightenment and true healing, consciousness does not work homeopathically. More thought will not get you free from limitations of your thoughts. You become free by be-ing not by thinking.~ 8/1/10

Many people are disappointed to hear that they cannot completely eradicate all of their reactive responses or neuroses through working a spiritual path. Many of these things would be considered karmic impressions and they were not created overnight, nor will be they be dispelled immediately either. Explore them for the gifts that they are; a window into your nature and psyche that you may have not noticed before. Through patience and practice these energies can be transformed into a more useful awareness for you. Not all of these responses must be pulled out at the root, just remade into a more workable form for you. ~ 11/28/10

The saying, "How people treat you is their karma and how you react is yours," is quite true. The good news though is that you are not locked into your karmic view permanently. Your reactions can run the gamut from deep karmic impressions to just having a difficult day. The happy place of peace and blessing is always available for you to return to. ~ 9/23/10

Be grateful to those that irritate you and "get your goat," as they say. They are acting as fine sandpaper smoothing you down like a polished rock. So one day you may sit gently and watch, while all of life flows gently by you. There will be little to "stick" to you anymore; as you sit in radiance and in peace. This is the goal. ~ 12/10/10

Remember dear hearts, that there are hills and valleys in your journeys. It is not realistic to think or expect that every day you will be in perfected vibrational harmony. Yes there are highly developed beings that are able to maintain this, and it is certainly a worthy goal. The point is to love and appreciate your life; all of it, not just the aspects of it that make you happy or comfortable. ~ 12/13/10

In regards to enlightenment, as been said by many of your wise Masters, you are that which you seek. The way we see you energetically is a band of many concentric circles of energy, ever-growing and expanding outward. To ease the anxiety that you are not there or must attain something that you do not have we say this: You are all that is, all that ever was and all that will be. Let this be a powerful focus point in your meditation. There indeed is nothing to "get." You are Sat-Chit-Ananda, ever-new joy, ever-expanding light. There is nothing that you lack, there is only that of which some of you are not aware just yet. ~ 8/29/10

One of the wonderful things about being connected is that the farther you go collectively, the higher you rise together. If you want to raise the energetic ceiling, work on yourselves and connect as One. ~ 9/8/10

There are many times when people are in emotional or psychic pain that they will either lash out at you or in some way try to ensnare you in their story. The reasons for this aren't necessarily malicious, as they are seeking comfort and some are acting out of a "misery loves company" type of energetic. Truly the best thing you can do for them and yourselves is to keep a place of loving detachment, all the while continuing to see and give energy to the divine being that they truly are. As the saying goes, they are the sky, not the passing weather. To hold this knowledge for another no matter what their circumstances; is one of the greatest gifts that you can offer to them, along with your love. ~ 11/20/10

Regarding soul contract work with other human beings, these are formed to serve several purposes: as a teaching tool/device, to work out past karma, to clear ancestral energies or perhaps even for all three purposes simultaneously. Part of this information does fall under the "need to know" basis. If the ego-mind was to know of these interactions it perhaps would choose another path, while the wisdom-eye of the soul can see and understand the greater purpose. You are collectively evolving to a place of awareness where you will no longer have a need to experience growth or learning through what is considered pain. As you free yourself from your own past painful experiences, you allow your bodies to carry more light and freedom which in turn creates a greater possibility for others in the group mind to do the same. ~ 8/17/10

The relationships in your life are a great gift, especially the ones that are challenging for you. Where your hooks and hang-ups are is where your great work lies. There are many purposes cosmically for relationships as they act as mirrors and vehicles for karmic transformation. If you can take a sworn enemy and turn them into a spiritual brother or sister, you have certainly met the task at hand. It is much easier to do this if the person is actually in your life, in your physical reality. If they are not, the work must be done on an inner level, but you still can achieve the same result with due diligence. ~ 8/30/10

Though at first glance it would seem that ignorance, judgment and hatred are at an all-time high on your planet, there is a moving force of love underneath all appearances. Those misapprehensions of the truth are now being exposed so they may be transmuted and healed. We invite you to know that just as a body can have what is termed a "healing crisis" in its path to healing, so is it in your world. Hold fast to love and your own truth as One. There is great love here for you. ~ 10/7/10

It has been said many times that you are powerful offspring of Divine Source with all of the Keys to the Kingdom; but if you do not truly know, understand and believe this, they are merely words. The time has come to release outdated concepts of limitation, shame, guilt and any other emotion that may keep you out of alignment with Reality. Ask for assistance and you shall receive, dear Ones. You were made for these times. Shine brightly. ~ 8/1/10

May you be abundantly blessed in 2011 and beyond.

~ Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Note:Material is copyrighted and you may reproduce by giving authorship to The Keepers via Irma Kaye Sawyer. Thank you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Discernment & Channeled Information

Hello friends. I hope this finds you all well today. I am asked fairly often to review video and printed material from channeled sources as some people are unclear about the authenticity of the work. I am honored that they would turn to me for this, but I thought it would be a good idea to blog on this topic just for general information's sake.

Firstly, authentic, high-frequency information is compassionate, helpful and loving. High-level beings/sources will not engage in what is termed "enemy patterning," finger-pointing or side-taking of any kind. If you discern that type of energy or message in the work you can be fairly certainly it is not reliable information and it is possibly being translated through the egoic filter of the channel. The human ego is quite fond of the words, "always" and "never," and the limitation and constriction that they connote. High level channeled information tends to steer clear of such wording as they have knowledge of the changeable nature of realily and that we are not truly locked into anything, but can only create self-inflicted prisons of our own dogmatic or intractable belief systems.

Also, pay attention to how the material makes you FEEL. This is very important and cannot be stressed enough. The word, both spoken and printed has great power. Words can build up, create and also destroy. They also are very good carriers of vibration, pure and simple. If reading or listening to channeled information makes you feel a sense of dread or anxious, that is an important sign to look out for. Granted there is some material that can be coming from legitimate sources that you simply don't resonate with and that is perfectly fine. Again, listen to your visceral, "gut feelings" with this, they will not steer you wrong.

Another thing to watch for is if the Source refers to its power, role in the Universe, etc. This is also a red flag that it is not a high-level being and is possibly doing a great job of puffing up the ego of the channel it is working through. Legitimate spiritual sources do not have an "axe to grind" of any sort and you will not feel or hear anything like that when they communicate.

On the other hand there can be channeled material that is authentic that can actually cause a reaction in you. In that case, the material has exercised an aspect of its job. We have been given spiritual information to assist with our own development and healing. Every now and again, something might hit us and cause a reaction, but it is merely shining a light on a area within us that is up for healing and transformation.

Also, just because a channel is popular or widely received does not mean that it is legitimate. We are in an age of much mis and dis-information and one must be mindful and discerning, especially with news and spiritual information.

Regarding 2012 and other prophecies, it is very important that we do not buy into gloom and doom philosophies or viewpoints, as we are creating our reality. Keeping our thoughts and vibration as balanced and high as possible is of utmost importance. Legitimate spiritual sources often see a much bigger picture than we are able to, and will point out our divinity and sovereignty as spiritual beings. They will not speak about our limitations, many of which are illusory and mistakenly self-imposed.

Bright blessings,
Irma Kaye Sawyer
Bright Star Consulting Services

Update - 2.17.12

Some other red flags that I have seen in some popular channeled material are:

1) Pie in the Sky or what I call "Pink Unicorn" philosophy, which takes you out of the NOW moment and into some future time when everything will be peachy.

2) "Head patting," condescending or patronizing material that talks down to you as if you are a child or somehow lacking in intelligence or understanding.

3) Material that is dis-empowering and speaks to the need for you to be "saved" from the bad guys.

4) Material that is deemed "Urgent." First of all, urgency is a human invention meant to cause an emotional response. The word itself has a very dramatic connotation. High level Guidance may use words like "important," or "timely," but they will stay away from dramatic words, especially words that can cause alarm.

I have seen an increase in the popularity of this type of material, especially over the past year. With an increase in the earth's vibration and big changes in the "weather" the desire for an escape is understandable. Escaping into a good book, movie or music is a healthier place to go as opposed to chasing Pink Unicorns, but of course that's just my opinion. :)

Be well everyone. ~ IK*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Wounded Healer & The Future of Channeled Information

You have asked about the archetype of Chiron and the "wounded healer" and why so many of those that serve have experienced this dynamic in their lives.

This is part of a Piscean Age dynamic that is not necessarily negative, but will soon be transmuting into something else entirely. In a 3D reality on earth, much human knowledge is imparted by experience. Also, in the process of opening the heart and the faculty of compassion, one's life experiences and oftentimes what is perceived as pain, serve to open the individual by creating what has been called a "soft spot" of vulnerability. You are moving towards a reality where Love is the ruler and beings will be able to perceive knowledge and information telepathically, not necessarily by going through painful experiences. Those that have chosen this path are blessed by their selflessness and thirst for soul knowledge It has been said by your Wise Ones that at some point, "What one seeks begins seeking them," and this is true. As you meld completely with your soul's path and desire to serve, you pave the way for higher consciousness and the ability to spiritually "download" any and all information that is needed in the moment. ~ The Keepers

It is indeed possible to received channeled information that is not subject to ego/mind and its filters. When one is aligned with the wisdom-eye of the heart/soul, they are able to connect to their own source of Divinity and its highest loving aspects. It is possible and will be coming more so in your future, to be able to receive information and energy purely and without constraints, as the vehicle and mind of the channel have expanded to hold a higher frequency. The mind/ego aspects are not eradicated but assimilated in such a manner that they no longer post an impediment to the energies and information being presented. ~ The Keepers, 11/14/10

Wishing you all bright blessings in these magical times,
Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sedona Journey & Vision Quest - September 2010

Hello friends,
Thank you for your interest and questions about my recent trip to Sedona, AZ. I am still grounding in those powerful energies and experiences as I make my way back to my usual surroundings.

I found the entire town to be one big vortex! Of course the vortex sites themselves have their own special energies. I enjoyed Boynton Canyon the best. I heard from a local expert that they call Boynton the "misfit" vortex because it is so unique. No one has the same experience there twice. I went on two different days and explored different areas. In meditation on one day, I strongly saw and felt the presence of angels in my mind's eye. I could feel them doing a healing on me, felt predominantly in my energy body. It was very subtle, but powerful at the same time. I also climbed to the top of "Airport" vortex and found the energies there to be strong and more yang/masculine in their feel. I was guided to do a simple ritual there and let go of past energies that were hanging around in my energy field that were no longer of use.

I had an old back injury flare up on the trip also, which was a bit disconcerting as I had a lot of hiking to do. On day two of the trip, I was napping and actually felt hands working on me even though no one was present physically. It was so tangible that it woke me up! That was very interesting. After that experience the pain was lessened considerably. I saw in my vision upon falling asleep at night the most beautiful, angelic, female face. She appeared to be exotic in appearance like she could be Polynesian, but had a definite Native American feel to her energy. I heard from one of my new Sedona friends that she was "Lady Kachina" who is likened to the patron saint of Boynton Canyon. Beautiful! I felt her presence off and on for my entire trip of six days.

It is said that the strong spiritual energies of Sedona can bring up our fears and other blockages. It was quite interesting what it brought up for me; things that were quite unexpected and hidden out of sight of my conscious mind. I found the entire journey to be very profound and useful at the current stage of my path. I feel that my vibration was raised there considerably, and I plan to be diligent in keeping it that way through wholesome food, company and environment. I feel that in going there I experienced a definite shamanic initiation of sorts. I plan to lead groups there in the future, so I feel that I was given an attunement of sorts to the energy of the area.

I have been to several power spots in the US and Europe including Glastonbury, Joshua Tree and others; and found Sedona to be among the most pristine and powerful energy that I have ever experienced. I highly recommend a trip to all spiritual students and aspirants.

Bright Blessings to you all.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon in Pisces - 24 August 2010

Hello friends!

I hope this finds you all well and happy. We find ourselves at yet another Full Moon. This one in my estimation, is quite special. How so? We've got the Sun in Virgo all about service, perfection, healing work and analysis just to name a few aspects. Piscean watery energy is dreaming, imagining, spirituality, magic and the other side of life. On the dark side of this energy we can have dissolution, decadence, depression and illusion. Piscean energy can also be rather naive at times and looks only at what could be instead of what actually is.

The combination of Virgo/Pisces is quite potent not only for healing but for envisioning what we would like to create in our world.

envision - imagine, conceive of, visualize, see in one's mind.

Tonight I have organized a Full Moon meditation and envisioning event taking place in cyberspace with people from all over the world. Why not embody the best aspects of this energy and envision love, harmony and peace for all of us? While it might not be entirely what is on the planet at the moment, with a bit of faith, love and perseverance it can be what will be.

"What the world needs now is love sweet love, no not just for some, but for everyone." ~ Hal David

Wishing you all love, peace and starlight in these magical times.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Blue Pearl empowerment - coming soon!

Hello friends,
I have been guided by the Keepers (the Guides of the Akashic Records) to bring forth a new energetic system and empowerment called "The Blue Pearl." I am sharing it with you here also to partake of the automatic copyright that this blog is enabled with.

I will soon begin work on the manual and you will be the first to see it upon publishing! Thank you as always for your support of my work and the Bright Star Blog.

Blessed Pearl of luminous light, unfold to me your mysteries. Reveal to me the true nature of my being, as a divine spark of infinite love. So be it! Amen.

In previous times it was required for the spiritual aspirant to prove him or herself to the teacher/guru before he or she could be initiated into the Blue Pearl. Some aspirants may have these experiences without prompting or training, based on knowledge and merit gained from previous lives. In these times many have been called to this knowledge and are ready to take a higher level of spiritual evolution and development. This is why the mystery schools are open to more students now than in the past. The vibrations are higher on a general level in the physical world as well, and this supports the transformation that can occur as a result of these transmissions. These activations serve to awaken inner Divinity and bridge the gap from the inner dimensions that exist within the human mind. ~ The Keepers

Many blessings,
Irma Kaye

Mel Gibson & the Blame Game

Hello dear readers, by now I am sure many of you have heard of the latest rantings of a very disturbed Mel Gibson (famous Australian actor and director.) It was clear to me after the DUI incident awhile back in Malibu, CA that all was not well in the Kingdom. Of course the incident got huge amounts of news coverage because of his fame and notoriety. His controversial film, "The Passion of the Christ" had made him even more of a multi-millionaire.

This last incident involving his former girlfriend and mother of his child has also made big news. Comedy shows like "The Soup" having a heyday with the hostile ravings that he left on her answering machine. A recent post left by a Facebook friend the other day got me thinking about the amount of schadenfreude (delight in another's pain) that has been kicked up by the incident. He is looking at jail time possibly and recently has been dropped by his long-time management company, the prestigious William Morris agency, which many would agree that he certainly had coming.

I recently read a very scholarly article by Chris Hutchens of Slate where he discusses Mel Gibson as being part of the fallout of a negative and oppressive Catholic upbringing and being subjected to that lunatic father of his. While these certainly are all adequate "reasons," they simply don't count. Here is why; we all know plenty of people with oppressive Catholic upbringings that are not alcoholics or lunatics with huge anger issues. Everyone is just a little too quick to judgment on this and what could be causing his alcohol-fueled racist, homophobic and sexist behavior. Chris Hutchens alluded to the fact that Mel could possibly have a personality disorder (Narcissistic) along with his alcohol addiction which seems more of where the bread crumbs would lead.

People are also quick to point a finger and delight in the demise of this once great talent and invalidate his body of good and important work both as an actor and director. I am certainly not condoning or excusing his behavior whatsoever, but my point is this; there are plenty of drunks in bars all over the world spewing hateful words but no one pays them much notice. It is Mel's FAME that has made all of the difference. When we point a finger of righteous indignation at him, what does that do for us? In that moment, we get to feel just a little bit better and justified. Besides, he's a very rich man and we most likely will never be that. It feels good for some to see him taken down, not just one notch but many. I also said in the thread that "Being Mel Gibson is punishment enough." I cannot imagine the kind of personal hell he could be in to treat others so badly. Indeed there is only one of us and what we do to others, we do to ourselves. He is like an injured junkyard dog, howling and trying to bite all comers. If anyone was crying out for compassion it is him. This view has made me unpopular with some and misunderstood by many more. People feel so justified in their condemnation of him and his deplorable acts.

My other point was this, "Why is everyone SO interested anyway?" I invited people to look at what was behind their condemnation and what was driving it. We (especially those in the US) have been so conditioned to have enemies to fight in the world. When we were young it was the Russians, after the Cold War ended another string of dictators such as Castro and later Saddam Hussein to resist and project our disdain upon. Jung and other depth psychologists would invite us to embrace the thought that there is a drunken madman or woman inside each and every one of us, along with an Angel and a great saint too. By staying in our "light side" we pretend that we are clean which makes our ego feel good and more secure. We surely could NEVER do the horrible things that he is doing, right?

Abraham and other great teachers discuss our "vibrational escrow" and the things that contribute to its growth or demise. It is quite simple really, thoughts of love, balance, peace and connection to others increase it, while thoughts of judgment, anger and blame reduce it. If our true nature is to love as Source loves us, we certainly have all made mistakes in our time and are all deserving of love and forgiveness.

I mentioned in one my status posts last week, "Mel Gibson IS heavy, but he's your brother," which got a very lukewarm response. We are witnessing the slow unraveling of someone's life and it is a train wreck and is painful for all involved. I suggest we take our power back from the Mel Gibson's of the world and anyone else that would spew hatred and separation as their viewpoint. Just as you would not judge someone that had a disease such as cancer, lupus and the like; don't the mentally ill, addicted and misguided deserve the same compassion? I understand that perhaps those with other diseases suffer quietly and don't try to take others down with them, but compassion must be universal or not at all.

Wishing you all peace and starlight in these magical times, namaste.

Monday, July 12, 2010

More Tales from the Darkside (of New Age Spirituality!)

Hello friends,
Thank you for the positive response to last week's post entitled, "Dead New Agers tell no tales." This is the continuation of that post. As the material sunk in and I spoke to several wise friends about it, more areas of discussion and exploration arose.

Number #6 Ego Inflation

Dr. Carl Jung warned us about this and so did the brilliant Buddhist lama and teacher, Chogyam Trungpa in his groundbreaking book, "Cutting through Spiritual Materialism." Here he writes, "The problem is that ego can convert anything to its own use, even spirituality. Ego is constantly attempting to acquire and apply the teachings of spirituality for its own benefit. Our vast collections of knowledge and experience are just part of ego's display, part of the grandiose quality of ego. We display them to the world and, in so doing, reassure ourselves that we exist, safe and secure as "spiritual" people." The world is full of these people. You see them whenever the Dalai Lama or another popular spiritual teacher lectures, in workshops you attend and at your yoga class. This has become a huge issue, especially in North America in recent years. Many upper and middle class people who have their material needs met go seeking the latest guru or teaching to make their lives complete. This is evidenced in the tragic events recently surrounding self-help guru James Arthur Ray and his followers. Just like a smart Ponzi scam operator will tell you, if you offer something special for an elite, in-crowd you are guaranteed success. As P.T. Barnum wisely said, "There is a sucker born every minute" and sadly, this also applies to the spiritual world. I have actually heard members of the spiritual community refer to outsiders/non-spiritually inclined folks as "little people," which was a bit shocking. If we are here to serve our fellow beings, getting into an us vs. them trip is not at all helpful. How are we part of the solution if we judge others in such a fashion? More EGO at work folks!

Delusion is another key element of ego inflation and the higher you rise, the more subtle it gets. The Buddhists refer to this state as the "Golden Handcuffs" where one is in a high "God Realm" and becomes lazy, indolent and smug. To me there is nothing sadder than to see a man or woman who walked their path with diligence and discipline for many years succumb to the temptations of ego through sexuality; which can manifest as infidelity and/or exploitation of young men or women putting their trust in an authority figure, abusing drugs and alcohol and list goes on and on.

Issue #7 Confusion of Spiritual Levels

Anyone that has been on a spiritual path has experienced different levels of awareness and consciousness. Whether you have gotten there through psychedelic experiences, shakti or meditation, they certainly do exist. There has been a lot of discussion about dimensions lately with the "Shift" happening upon our planet and the evolution from the 3D to a 5D reality. As some of you know, I am an Akashic Records reader and these records exist in 5D which is part of the reason why the work tends to be very accurate and healing on a mental(4D)and physical(3D)level. We can certainly all agree that we while we are in a physical body we have lessons and tasks to perform and we can't spend all of our time in the higher levels. We certainly wouldn't get anything done! We used to refer to these people that use obtuse metaphysical language and spend most of their time out of their body as "wind chimers" or "lily pad people." In all seriousness, spending big chunks of time out of body can not only be detrimental but can create serious problems. This can also be masking a hidden problem such as abuse or mental illness. The body can become an unsafe place to inhabit, and these folks seek refuge in the higher realms.

Ram Dass has some great teachings about this. He got to a place in meditation where he could see that it really IS all perfect, even the suffering and pain that exists. Most of us are not really there and pain is still pain to us. Yes we can understand that perhaps there is a teaching in it, but it is still not pleasant to go through. As I said in my previous post, sh*t is still sh*t, and many things in life are not pretty or fun. To try to put an "It's all good" philosophy in someone's face that is suffering not only lacks compassion and understanding, but it is simply not useful. One of my favorite teachers Pema Chodron has a great saying, "Start where you are." This is indeed something that we all must do and take into account of where other people are vibrating when you are interacting with them. Some people clearly cannot understand using high consciousness language and the meaning gets lost in translation.

So what can we do about these issues? It has been said that the age of the guru is over and as we move into the Aquarian Age who are being asked to seek our own wise council and be our own guru, so to speak. In the worlds of the wise Lama Yeshe, "Check up!" For those of us who do not operate under a spiritual teacher or lama, AWARENESS is the key factor. If you do not have a good personal BS detector, the best gift you can have is a good friend or mentor who will tell you the truth, and call you on your "stuff." Also, have a disciplined spiritual practice and stick with it! Meditation is a great tool and friend to show us the inner workings of our minds and thoughts, which we are wise to not take too seriously.

Are we using spiritual teachings to open our hearts to heal ourselves or are we just using it to escape the pain and discomfort in our lives? Are we growing more balanced and humble in our years of practice or just getting puffed up? We must constantly check in with ourselves and practice due diligence. As Chogyam has said, the path is very tricky and filled with many pitfalls and traps. If we get stuck we can seek the guidance of a wise mentor or friend.

In the end it really is all about us and the contents of our own minds and motivations. We must climb the mountain alone but when we do there are untold blessings for us and for others. The greatest gift we can offer the world is our own true nature which is expansive, compassionate and filled with joy.

Wishing you peace and starlight in these magical times. Namaste.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tales from the Darkside (of New Age spirituality.)

Hello friends,
On this Independence Day for us in the US, I thought it would be fitting to talk about freedom from the negativity or dark side of New Age spirituality. I have been a part of many spiritual communities for many years; including a large and growing one on the Internet and it seems the same issues just keep going 'round and 'round, like some bad .45 record we are all so tired of hearing.

Issue #1

Judgment, blame & criticism: I find it ironic that many people who left organized religions for being "different" are turning around and acting out these same behaviors to members of their own communities. Perhaps being different is still threatening to some people. Hum...could be? For those that are doing the finger pointing, I invite you to see how you are still pointing fingers inwardly at yourselves. There is obviously much that is up for healing through these types of interactions. If something doesn't resonate with you, that's fine just keep on moving. I wonder where this need to "correct" everyone comes from? Still a remnant from our parents and teachers? Our "inner critic" run amok? Telling someone that they are working at a lower frequency is proof positive just where you are hanging out in yours. It would be funnier if it wasn't just plain sad.

Issue #2

Money issues: Nothing screams old paradigm (Piscean Age) louder than a hatred and fear of money and the belief that money is somehow evil or "unspiritual." For now we are still in a monetary/capitalistic system for good or for ill, and many of us still require the ol' greenbacks to live and put food on the table. I've always said and held the vision that says, "The more you have, the more you can do to help." Look at the Oprah's of the world and the good that they have done in building schools, raising awareness of issues and generally helping to make the world a better place. Limitations, scarcity and lack is old paradigm thinking, plain and simple. There is nothing holy or wonderful about being poor. Please consult Abraham-Hicks for more information on this topic. Why there is still a belief going around that energy healers, bodyworkers, spiritual counselors and related occupations should not charge for their services just doesn't make any sense. Your auto mechanic, dentist and hairdresser don't work for free, so why should we? This is devaluing and disrespectful to practitioners that spent much time and dedication developing their skills that are meant to serve and assist others. There is also nothing evil or wrong about right livelihood. The Wise Ones have been talking about this for years, but sadly many are still not listening and the finger-pointing continues

Issue #3

Denial: not just a river in Eqypt and I have met many that are the Kings and Queens of it! If you throw roses on a sh*t pile it is still sh*t, plain and simple. While it is a good practice to remain as positive as possible in all circumstances, it is not helpful to always pretend the obvious does not exist. In extreme measures that could be the tumor that one refuses to seek treatment for. A small percentage of people might have the Yogic skills to heal it without treatment, but the majority of folks do not. Not all problems or issues can be melted away with prayer and affirmations, knowing the difference can be quite helpful, or in some cases could save your life.

Issue #4

If something is in your life, YOU created it: While in many cases this may be true, it does not apply 100%. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar or a nosebleed is just a nosebleed. For example, one time I was attending a workshop in the mountains with dry air and high altitude and a propensity for nosebleeds. One woman whipped out the Louise Hay book to give me the long-winded analysis of the "joylessness" I just MUST be experiencing in my life, yadda yadda. In fact, I had never been happier. My response to her, "Sometimes a nosebleed is just a nosebleed." Karma is deep, mysterious and complex. It is arrogant and being spiritually too big for our britches if we think we've got that one all figured out. In my healing practice over the years I have seen the damage done to clients with severe challenges like cancer and the like, being told that "they created it." Yes perhaps on some level their soul did, but how does playing the blame-game help someone who is scared and in a weakened condition? It is inappropriate and sorely lacks much-needed compassion. Timing is also a critical factor. Perhaps when the person is in remission or down the road a bit in their healing journey that the reasons can be explored? Powerful words when uttered at the wrong time can lose their impact and in some cases cause harm, while the same words said in the correct moment can be life-changing and transformational. Knowing the difference requires skill, knowledge and experience.

Issue #5
Unsolicited Advice: This one is a doozy! How many times have I encountered some well-meaning person telling me what their perception of what is/was wrong in my life. I didn't ask them, but they still felt the need to give me the benefit of their views. While some folks do not see how this is rude and not helpful is beyond me. There is often a subtle implication of blame (see issue #1) involved and we are back to the drawing board. Nothing screams EGO more than "here let me FIX that for you." Also, this goes back to the judgment/karma thing. How do we truly know what is best for another? We have not walked in their shoes, only they have. We can certainly make ourselves available for guidance and assistance but when we are asked for it. We can often see things others perhaps cannot, due to "forest for the trees syndrome." I know in my own life that there was a relationship for example, many years ago that well-meaning people advised me against. I was hell-bent on going through it and that is just what I did. It was one of the most difficult experiences of my life but looking back I see that it was really perfect for the person that I was to become today. There is a "big picture" going on in people's lives and not everything is what it seems to be. We know for certain on a spiritual level that this is indeed the truth.

In these times there has been much information coming through higher spiritual sources that we must heal our differences and be as ONE. All of these above-mentioned behaviors and practices are reflective of fear and lower consciousness. These things certainly exist everywhere in the world, not just in the New Age communities. We must take the example of the Buddha in our interactions with others and think, Are my words useful and kind? Do they add or take away? Do they make me and other people happy? How can I help the situation?"

"Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together. Come and love one another right now." ~ Jesse Colin Young

Wishing you all peace and light in these magical times. Namaste.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If thine eye be single - a reflection on judgment.

Hello Bright Star friends! I hope this finds you well. I recently received a powerful teaching in my own life and I thought to share it with you.

Since I have become more in the public eye with the two group pages that I have on Facebook, I have also gotten more criticism and judgment from the outside world. For some reason many so-called "spiritual" people feel a need to tell me exactly what they perceive that I am doing incorrectly which in many cases has caused me to feel defeated, hurt and irritated.

I was thinking about the last round of criticism I got and the Keepers (Guides of the Akashic Records that I work with,) mentioned the scriptural quote, "If thine eye be single, thy body will be filled with light." (Matthew 6:22) They explained to me that the two eyes have to do with the outer world of the senses and of ego, while the single eye is related to the Ajna "third eye" chakra and of inner vision. Light is gathered from going within ourselves, not gathered in the sense-based 3D world. I know this is also their way of advising me to spend more time in mediation, but there was also more to it.

This year in my solar return chart I have a Mercury/Pluto conjunction which is quite powerful. It has to do with communicating ideas that can be deemed controversial and can possibly create discomfort in others, also dealing with "shadow" material which often has the same effect. For those that came after me with their judgment and criticism, my initial response (since I am feeling a bit extra cocky with that conjunction,) is to ask them WHY they are saying these things and to somehow defend my position or at least get them to see what they are doing leaving these nasty posts on my Facebook wall. Just before I was going to post something about it, I had a flash that I was judging them for judging me! It was quite funny actually. I was shown that I was still "in the loop" of ego-driven communication with these people. What is the difference really who started it? I "bit the hook" as my wise friend would say and they got me. In that moment I lost it by giving my power and serenity away. They aren't responsible for that, I am.

When the criticism first started I took it in a different way. I wasn't as clear about my intention and context as I am now, which is one of the reasons I believe it came in more often. Now I am very clear of the context of my groups and also my direction as the leader of them, yet the judgment is still occurring from time to time. One of the things that I am committed to as a minister and also a human being is being part of the solution on the planet at this time. Judgments of others are a clear indicator of how invested we are in "our" concepts and ideas. The Keepers also said, "Who is the bigger "sinner," the one doing the error or the one judging them for it?" It is easy to look around in the world and see errors all around us, the most glaring one in our world currently being the Gulf oil spill. Blame is definitely NOT in a vibration of love and perpetuates ego-based communication that is based on separateness and ultimately, illusion.

I saw that in these experiences of being judged by others that I always have a choice. I can perpetuate the useless game of "being right" or I can let it go. I can focus my single eye inward to gather strength and light. There are some people that feel a great need to gift us with the benefit of their views! That is all they are, their views. There is no ultimate right or wrong way to do anything. We are all walking our own path based on our karma, perception and other factors. Every time we disengage from the ego-game we create one more opportunity for peace and healing in our world. This is precisely what being part of the solution really looks like! I invite you to try this, beloved friends.

"The threshold between right and wrong is pain" - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Wishing you peace and light in these challenging times.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Oil Spill, Suffering & the Heart of the Matter

I recently posted some information on my Facebook group page about the oil spill, suffering and grief. It was my point that I am of little use if I am heavily grieving and if I lose my center. I had some very intense responses to this including being accused of lacking emotion and even being heartless! Being an sensitive person and a strong empath, this couldn't be further from the truth.

The great spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle speaks a lot about the NOW moment being the truth, the point of power and really all there is. He also talks about the "pain body" both individually and collectively, which has been highly activated by this recent environmental event.

I was suggesting that we remember to stay in our center and find the best ways to be useful in this crisis. Some people will be compelled to travel to the gulf to help in person, like the many kind souls did in the Katrina situation. Others will donate funds, raise public awareness or like myself, lead a daily prayer vigil. Moaning and wailing, playing the "blame game" and going on about BP and corporate greed will not get us out of this situation. In fact, these type of actions lower our energetic frequency and further activate the pain that we may carry. If we take that attitude and energy as far as it might go, it renders us useless to do anything to help whatsoever.

Of course I am deeply touched by this tragedy, we all are. I also know that in the midst of terrible events great miracles and healing can occur also. We can use this event to wake up to the destructive impact of oil dependency, spiritual bankruptcy and greed in America. We can stand together and be the "Rainbow Warriors" of the Native American prophecies and work side by side to heal and transform our beloved Mother Planet. We can get out of pain and into the NOW and be the hands, eyes and ears of Spirit on this planet. The choice is ours.

Wishing you peace and light in these magical and challenging times. Love and blessings to you all.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Million Dollar Question.

Hello dear friends, I hope this post finds you well and happy. What do you think the number one question asked of psychics and intuitive readers is? The answer might surprise you: "WHEN will I meet my soul mate?" or "Who is she/he?" It surprises me that this question often surpasses other spiritual questions like, "Who am I?"? "What is the Divine Purpose of my life?" or "Why am I here?" This just goes to show how strong of a desire and drive it is for many people to connect with their mates.

I don't think this is a negative desire so to speak, but I have often seen the negativity that can arise in the frantic search to attain this goal. For example, some people are so obsessed with finding this person that it erodes their peace and happiness in the moment. They can also be so fixated on what this person will look or be like that they might be missing someone that could be wonderful for them right under their nose!

The Keepers (guides of the Akashic Records) have distinguished the difference between soul mates and what they call our True One or Mate. Soul mates are often(but not always) fellow travelers that we share karma with. The attraction to them is often very strong but the experience does not always promise to be pleasant! Soul mates show us our soul truly and shine a light on our fears, inadequacies and other dark places. They can be a blessing but sometimes this can feel like a curse! Exposing our vulnerabilities to ourselves and others is never easy, but tremendous growth can come of it. Many soul mate relationships are short-lived and are not life partnerships. They are like shooting stars, beautiful and intense, but not designed to last.

It has been said by many spiritual teachers that it is our job to love and appreciate ourselves first and foremost and this is wise advise. Looking for anyone else to "complete us" is a misguided quest. We are full and complete within ourselves having a friend, lover and confidante to share our bounty with is a most worthy goal. I have seen it so many times over the years with clients that when they stop obsessing and truly start living their lives and expressing the gifts and beauty of their own soul, their mate appears soon thereafter. Their joy and abundance is like a beacon that pulls their True One to them. It is also important for us to know that if we do not attract our mate to us that we have not failed in any way. There will be some people where remaining single is more in alignment with their karma and their soul's journey.

Wishing you all joy & peace in these magical times.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wishing you all a blessed Wesak Full Moon!

Wesak Message from the Keepers - 4.28.10

On this holy day you have asked us how to attain the knowledge of the Buddha. We tell you this, look at the so-called impediments in your life. Where do you hold tension or resentment? Most of the time it is due to a lack of love in your life, a sense of rejection perhaps? It has been said many ways and my many wise teachers that the love you seek is within you, you need not seek it outwardly. While in physical form, your being is very outer-focused, that is the way you are "wired" so to speak. So in a sense, it is counter-intuitive to seek everything you need on the inside of yourself, but truly that is where your greatest riches lie.

On this holy day, there are great supportive energies present to let go of all that stands in your way. The Taurus/Scorpio dynamic gives an interesting energetic to this process. The Taurus energy being an grounded earth energy seeks to find stillness and attain possessions both physical and spiritual. The Scorpio polarity point seeks deep, inner knowledge and provides a cleansing of energies that are no longer needed in your experience.

Take time in your day to be still and allow the blessings of the great one that is called Buddha and Mother Moon to be upon you this day. Anchor yourself in the light of truth and all that is illusory will fall away.

Blessings of deep peace to you today and always. Aum. Shanti. Amen.

Monday, April 5, 2010

In the Light - the problem with naming evil

Hello dear readers! I hope this finds you well. I have noticed in various metaphysical, holistic and new-age articles that the terms "evil ones" and "dark energies" are being used and thrown around quite a bit. This is troublesome for several reasons. Firstly, what does evil love more than anything? FEAR. Naming evil or dark energy gives it more reality, not less. I am not a Pollyanna type though that will claim there is no evil or darkness that exists. In a world where the majority of people are according to the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle are in the grip of lower mind or ego and are therefore quite "insane," it is easy to see the destruction that selfishness, greed and other lower emotions create in our world every day. We certainly don't have to look very far!

What troubles me about some of these discussion is the lack of personal responsibility that they imply. I actually saw an advertisement on Facebook recently by a well-known holistic healing expert that stated, "Are you constantly tired or depressed? You could be under the influence of dark forces." Well, you could also have a medical and/or emotional problem too. That really struck me as sounding very "dark ages" in its tone. I learned about this recently in a college course about how the mentally ill were considered demon-possessed, surprisingly not as many years ago as we might expect.

On another note, as a spiritual practitioner I have encountered beings of this nature and in my personal experience, can attest that they do exist. As an empath I do not do spirit releasement work as I do not have the constitution for it, but I certainly recognize its importance. Several years ago a client case was brought to my attention. There was a young woman that had been diagnosed as suffering from several acute and severe mental illnesses and had been heavily medicated which was exacerbating her symptoms considerably. A colleague of mine who is a professional healer and intuitive felt this woman had been misdiagnosed. We did a group reading and healing on the woman and discovered that she had not one but many entity attachments to her, resultant of her years of drug and alcohol abuse. My colleagues performed entity releasement work and she was placed in follow-up care along with continued mental health treatment. It took several months to get her in a stable, healthy state but it was done. Of course not everyone that is mentally ill has entity attachments, there are those that have genetic and/or organic syndromes as well. Each person/case must be looked at and treated individually.

In these accelerated times, it is evident that many of us are manifesting quickly and more easily than before. It has also become a widely-held belief that what we focus on we create more of, with the popularity of Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra who are all echoing the same powerful teachings to us.

What is darkness but an absence of the light? The wonderful and wise Lama Khensur Rinpoche explained to me that if I am having an issue with energies that I perceive to be harmful, I must work on my own consciousness first and foremost to attain a state of being that is impervious to illusion.

Blessings of love and light to you this day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Westboro Baptist Church: an editorial

Hello dear readers. I am sure by now that many of you have heard of the antics of the WBC. They are the ones that picket the funerals of military personnel carrying their signs of hate and other various craziness. They even have enlisted young children in their mind-numbing campaign of darkness. I was saddened to hear that Al Snyder the father of a young man who died in Iraq, had to pay over $16,000 in legal fees to the church after his court victory was overturned by a judge on the grounds of the First Amendment.

This clearly has been an emotional issue for me and many others that I know. I am not a supporter of any wars, but will always support our troops as they are my brothers and sisters. I realized that anything that upsets and angers us, lowers our vibration considerably and can bring more of the same in to our world. So what is the proper response to something so heinous and ugly being carried out in our world? Guidance showed me today that we truly ARE all one. A cancer anywhere on the planet is a cancer that affects us all. The WBC are merely reflecting the darkness and hate that already exists in society and really putting it our face! There is no denying the kind of pain they are dishing out. These two middle east conflicts are also emotional issues for many people in the US, so picketing those funerals is really hitting people where they live, so to speak. On one level we can vilify these people for their evil actions, it's certainly easy to do. All of this negative talk and focus on them keeps their coffers full to keep them running to do even more harm. Energy is energy. It's like those kids in school always getting in trouble and the teachers who stated, "negative attention is better than NO attention at all." Look at what a mighty roar they are causing with just 75 members! What kind of mighty roar can we as lightworkers, spiritual folks and just plain good people do?

Sadly, groups like this will not be going away anytime soon. Instead of "fighting" them, perhaps we could love them just like the great Master Jesus Christ suggested? If we cannot bring ourselves to do that, ignoring them is a better strategy as it denies them of the juice that they desperately need to function.

Today I said a prayer for the WBC and I took back my energy from them. Back to feeling GOOD again and focusing on more of what I would like to create in my world.

Wishing you all blessings of peace and light.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Giving things away & the energy exchange

Hello dear readers! I hope you are doing well this fine day. Today the topic at hand is giving things away and the energy exchange. When I say "things" I am referring to services for the most part for this discussion. In the healing tradition of Reiki energy healing that I am a part of, the founder Dr. Mikao Usui stressed this point quite emphatically in his teachings. As practitioners of any art or craft, we are to be compensated for the hours of study and time we put in perfecting our work. This compensation does not have to be monetary necessarily, it can be an exchange of goods or services, the "barter" system also works beautifully.

Why is it important to have a proper energy exchange? First of all, people that tend to be "takers" are often in a victim spiral or consciousness. I have also found that some people do not value things that they receive for free. In the US, we are in such a materialistic culture that is often the case. In some cases, we can actually enable people in their victimhood by continually offering them services for no charge. In the cosmic bank that is the Universe, what message are people sending if they are always taking and not replenishing in some way?

Everyone can have times where we become down on our luck. For example in 2008, I found myself to be quite broke between dealing with a health issue and a sluggish economy. I had given a friend some money years ago to help with their medical bills during a time when I could easily afford to do so. That same friend upon hearing of my situation sent me a check which really saved the day. The tables were turned and now they were in a prosperous state of being. I had made a deposit in the cosmic bank account and when I needed to make a withdrawal it was there for me, wonderful!

It is important also that we offer our brothers and sisters the kind of respect that we would want to receive. On the other hand, I am not advocating never giving of our time and services for no charge. As practitioners and as people we need to find for ourselves how much is in our comfort level to offer pro bono. I have gotten fairly astute over the years at accessing whether or not a client has a real need, or is just trying to get a deal and not pay full price. I also believe in offering a sliding scale and do not believe it is good for my karma to send anyone away that is in need of healing services. It is a balance dear friends, of listening to ourselves and determining what is in the highest service to both ourselves and our clients.

Wishing you love and an abundance of all good things.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Judgment and Being with what is.

Hello dear readers! I hope this finds you well and happy. Today the topic at hand is judgment of others and being with what is. I have found that many people when dealing with another person that is in distress, especially of an emotional nature are quick to try to "cheer them up" or somehow shift them out of it. What is the reason for this? Many people feel uncomfortable to be with someone who is suffering. Perhaps it triggers their own "stuff" or they are so sensitive that it hurts them personally to see others in pain? I have found for me personally in my counseling career and as an empath I have a hard time dealing with anger and other forceful negative emotion being directed at me, but have learned how to cope with depression, anxiety and grief with a client. Sometimes just being a non-judgmental listening ear is very healing and can actually create a shift in itself.

I have a good example of this. Several years ago I had a client for Reiki/counseling work that was going through a very hard time. She was in a very dysfunctional relationship with a man and it was escalating all the time and had become drama central! Law enforcement had been called out several times, but she still stayed in that toxic situation. Her family and friends were at their wit's end with her. They constantly berated her for her choice of this man and were always trying to bail her out, which she would always decline. Her feelings were being hurt by all of the negativity coming at her from her family and it gave her even more fuel for what had already become a forest fire!

When she came in, I would sit and listen to her. I certainly have a judgmental streak in me just like the next person, but for some reason she made it easy to not judge her. She was a very spiritual, bright and intelligent woman and I could see this in her very clearly. My inner wisdom told me that this was just bad patch she was in and she would be through when she got whatever she needed to get from it. I worked with her a few times and then didn't hear from her for several months. Later that year I got a wonderful phone call from her thanking me profusely for just listening and believing in her ability to solve this issue for herself. She left that toxic relationship and was going to AL-ANON meetings often(her ex boyfriend was a drug addict.) She went on to become a Reiki practitioner herself and even opened up her own healing center a few cities over. She is out there living and thriving and sharing her life-wisdom with others. I am so proud of her!

It often is not easy to deal with emotional pain either in ourselves or in others. That tried and true saying comes to mind, "What you resist, persists." I have certainly found in my own life that running away from an issue or refusing to look at something isn't a great strategy. Denial may buy us a temporary reprieve but never gives us a solution. I have also found that acceptance though sometimes difficult, can have miraculous effects in our lives.

Wishing you peace & starlight in these magical times.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning from the inside out.

In just two more days the powerful planet will go from retrograde motion to direct again, free up more forward movement in our lives and paving the way for Springtime. Like many of us, I have been doing my own personal spring cleaning in a big way, but this time more on a spiritual and personal level.

I recently had a difficult encounter with a long-time client of mine. We have known each other for many years know and seen both dark and happy times for each of us. Recently my beloved spaniel Penny Lane had surgery and I was given an erroneous diagnosis which produced a stressful couple of days to say the least! I was accused of being inconsiderate to the needs and desires of my client while this was going on. The real negativity came in the form of the "silent treatment" that I received for several days, all the while feeling the anger and negative energies from this person. I am clear that I was doing my best in a very difficult situation. In discussing this with one of my wise and wonderful friends, she pointed out that many of us who grew up with needy, demanding family members learned to put our own needs aside to serve others no matter what. This in extreme levels can produce co-dependent behaviors that can be carried throughout our lifetime. The one thing that really stood out in this interaction with the client was the thought that I am a human being doing the best that I can on any given day and I am allowed to make mistakes. We all do for goodness sake! As I thought and wrote about this it was clear to me that I did really believe it, so why was this kind of behavior from others still showing up in my environment? Good question.

Sometimes we hang onto people and situations that no longer serve our highest purpose. Why do we do this? Perhaps out of comfort, fear of change or perhaps even a paycheck. When people leave our lives suddenly it can be very disruptive and even hurtful. In this situation I was shown that it was indeed time to part ways with this person. The main reason? Just like Aretha sang about: RESPECT. If we are angry or hurt about someone's behavior, we owe it to them and ourselves to speak our truth with as much diplomacy and compassion as possible. Most people do not think about the negativity that "stewing in one's own juices" can really create, not only for the person stewing, but also the person they are stewing about as we are all connected.

As the earth changes and the vibrations become higher and cleaner, we are seeing "instant karma" more directly in our lives. We are being called to live lives of balance, light and integrity. If people or situations are no longer serving us we are free to "shake the dust from our feet" and move on. We must no longer be bound by an exaggerated sense of duty to toxic people or environments. So what area of your sacred life needs a bit of cleaning?

Wishing you peace & starlight in these magical times.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Releasing the vows that limit us.

We have all heard of them before, the classic monastic vows of: poverty, chastity, humility, silence and obedience. For those living a monastic life they might work pretty well, but for those on the outside of religious orders they can have difficult consequences to say the least!

In my work over the years as a spiritual counselor and Akashic Records reader, I have uncovered vows clients have taken in their soul’s history that sometimes have serious consequences. For example, I once worked with a client that was a lovely woman inside and out and had a loving husband who adored her. She shared with me that she always had difficulties around intimacy and her sexuality and various therapies had not helped her much. They were both very frustrated with this but were determined to not divorce and stick it out no matter what. She grew to dislike sex and even to view it as a “duty” but was surprised by this response. There was also a part of her that enjoyed it and it was as if she was at odds with herself. I did a reading and discovered a lifetime (several actually) where she was a nun and had taken the traditional vows including a vow of chastity. She had also had lifetimes where she had encountered sexual abuse. Those elements when mixed together proved to be highly combustible. In just two sessions we were able to uncover these vows and to release them. Over the next few months she shared with me that she was slowing opening up to her husband and was enjoying their intimate time together much more. That part of her soul was healing and it was beautiful to see.

I have also encountered many talented massage therapists and healing arts practitioners that just couldn’t seem to get it together with their finances. They were “givers” and were often giving away their services for no charge or at a great discount. In spiritual counseling work it often was uncovered that these people either had taken poverty vows, had negative views about money being “unspiritual” or both. Oftentimes it is just the awareness of a pattern that is all we need to shift it. In my work with these clients, they discovered their true worth as practitioners and quit doing their work for free. While donating a percentage of one’s time to the community is a great way to give back, a balance in this area was indicated and had great results in their lives and in their bank accounts too!

In my own life’s journey the wounding that I carried around money was due to an emotionally impoverished childhood. I feel so blessed that I no longer carry the heavy weight and pain of those experiences! I also told everyone in my childhood that would listen that I was here to be a “Soul Doctor.” Interesting, eh? I did not even know that was a real path or practice until many years later when I started my Shamanic healing training. Our souls have wonderful and profound messages for us also if we listen to them.

So how can I clear and release any vows I am carrying you might ask? Take a moment to go into meditation and ask your personal Guides and Higher Self to guide you.

The following is a powerful invocation to help in this purpose:

“I _____, now break all vows, promises and commitments I have made – on any level, in any way from the beginning of time – that no longer serve my present soul purpose. I especially break all vows of poverty, celibacy, pain, lack, suffering, powerlessness, silence, obedience and invisibility. I NOW give myself absolute and total permission to follow my soul’s true path. And so it is! Amen.

Sometimes any vows we have taken are not obvious to us though we might be feeling the negative effects of them in our lives. In that instance working with a qualified Spiritual Counselor and Akashic Record reader would be indicated. This is my work and I offer my services to all in the blogging and Facebook community at a “friends and family” rate, since you are all my friends and family and I am very grateful.

May the truth be revealed to you and may it set you free. My next topic of discussion in this area will be soul contracts.

Wishing you peace & starlight in these magical times.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Heaven on Earth - #4

Today Guidance addressed the issue of overwhelm, especially in regards to helping those affected by the current natural disasters.

It is understood that there will be some days where you will be tired or more affected by inertia. We say this, a kind thought, a light thought however small, is very useful. There will be some that will be guided to do a "big" effort such as actually traveling to the affected areas to help. This is wonderful of course, but will not be the way for everyone. Give what you can, whether it is a few dollars or even your daily prayers.

It is also useful in these times to stay as positive and hopeful as possible. Attitudes of fear and doubt serve to add more pounds to an already heavy situation (i.e. Haiti and Chile.)

There will also be those that will analyze these disasters from an end-times point of view and try to ascribe all kinds of meanings to them. We say this, help your brothers and sisters the best that can you can in this now moment, and leave the analysis to one side. These type of issues are best helped with heart energies, not in over analysis. The relief effort should be on all levels; help with immediate physical needs such as food, water and medical care and then later on help will be needed in the rebuilding effort.

We leave you this day with peace unending. Aum. Shanti. Amen.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Heaven on Earth - #3

Creating greater Abundance in our lives.

I sat with Guidance this morning this is what was shared.

There has been much information that has come out over the years about opening up oneself to Abundance and how to create more, etc. One approach is similar to the Huna/Theta Healing technique of asking or even demanding of Source to fulfill ones needs. We say that this can be effective but is not always foolproof as the saying goes. If one is in a place consciously that they KNOW without a doubt that this need will be fulfilled, there is nothing that will stop this from occurring in their reality. To be in such a place can be a bit tricky. This is creation at a Master Level, and in a way it is likened to taking a Graduate level course when one is still in High School. This can create frustration as it can be difficult with uneven results. Of course, individual karmic circumstance does come into play as well, which is too complex to discuss in this format.

We enjoy the saying made popular by your Swami Muktananda, “You are that!” In fact, you are already abundance, love, good health, all of those wonderful things. It has been said many times in many different ways, that it is only your perception of this truth that keeps it from you. So how does one get to this highly creative, perfected state, you ask? We will use one of your pet expressions, “Fake it until you make it.” Which more clearly stated is more along the lines of “practice makes perfect.” To sit in meditation every day and reflect upon your own Divinity, your own perfection and to reflect in gratitude for the abundance you are already receiving every day is a powerful practice. Your focused intention and desire to experience the reality of your SELF in all of its fullness and glory will be revealed to you. You have asked and so shall you receive! It is the good nature of Source energy to give freely and completely.

We will discuss this topic further at another time. We leave you today with peace unending. Aum. Shanti.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heaven on Earth - #2

It is good to stop protesting and "fighting" things or issues. If something in the world is wrong then do something in your own world that is right. Work to support your cause out of love and righteousness. For example, if you are in support of Gay rights, stop being angry at those that do not. Just like you, they have their own lens they see the world through. Do not try to convince them that their view is incorrect. Separatist views are truly becoming outdated and an impediment to all. It is time to shift the world view from minutia to larger issues such as hunger, poverty and the environment. Do your part every day to support the emerging world. This will bring you peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heaven on Earth - a new series of entries

Heaven on Earth #1

So how do we create Heaven on Earth dear friends? It's simple, if you've got sh*t in your heart, body or soul, dump it. If you can't do it yourself, get some help. Do something good for someone else every day. If you have more time than money, give of your time. If you have more money than time, then give some money. You don't need to shine up your Merkaba or align your chakras. Just be love. Just do it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Suicide: New light on a difficult subject

Hello dear readers, I recently heard of the death of a friend of a friend by suicide which prompted today's discussion with Guidance.

What do the guides have to say about suicide?

There has been much misinformation given about this subject, especially information that has been filtered through the lens of religion. While suicide would never be considered from a spiritual perspective to be a wholesome choice, sometimes it could be perceived as a necessary one; especially for those souls who are suffering from a terminal, debilitating illness. There is little judgment for those who would see fit to take an animal “down,” but there is much judgment on those who wish to end their suffering and leave a vehicle that is diseased and causing much pain and suffering.

While we will not go into an in-depth theological discussion as to why, where and when these beliefs were created on your planet we will say a few words on the matter. We pose this question, why is it not considered morally reprehensible to take the life of an “enemy” in a war situation, but is considered a soul-damning act to take one’s own life? We tell you again and again, Source Energy does not judge, only humans do. It is also not useful to compare one human experience to another. We have shown this one today that one’s INTENTION at the time of death is very important and will affect everything. If one takes one’s own life out of contempt and anger towards others, with a desire to punish or harm, this would be considered very negative and karma producing, indeed. If one clearly has the desire to end one’s suffering whether it is physical or emotional without intent to harm others that is a different scenario. It has been criticized as being a very selfish act and we say this, an act of suicide with those that leave behind a family of their own creation, especially with young children under the age of 18 has difficult karmic implications. This does create an atmosphere of harm in those surviving him or her. You see the differences here? There is certainly not one “catch all” explanation or karmic path that everyone will fall underneath.

In any case of suicide, it is beneficial to offer potent prayers to both the deceased and all of those connected to the person who chose to end their life in such a manner. It has been said before by your seer Cayce and others, that suicide does leave a pattern or a “samskara” on the soul of the individual that must be dealt with or worked out at some point in the soul’s future. In actuality, holding thoughts of Purgatory, Hell or some other type of damnation are not helpful whatsoever to a soul in their future journeys. We would like to see new information disseminated and accepted among your people to shift the judgment around this issue and to bring more love, patience and understanding for all of those involved.

We leave you this day with peace unending. Aum. Shanti. Shanti.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Robert Nesta Marley.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” ~Bob Marley

Yesterday is the birthday of the great Bob Marley: rastaman, friend, father, musician and prophet. He will forever be one of my musical and spiritual heroes. I dedicated the Facebook healing group that I started, "One Heart for prayers and healing" to his memory. I love that he used his popularity as a singer/songwriter to motivate not only the Jamaican people, but people everywhere to stand up for what is important and stay the course spiritually in their lives. Due to this power, it brought not one, but two assassination attempts on his life which he miraculously survived. This added to the lore about him and his growing status as a Rastafarian prophet.

As I have grown older and tread a bit farther on my own path, I see his messages as even more true and timely today. In truth, there really is only One Love and One Heart. The love of the Source/Eternal One and the Heart that we all share as one human family. I am encouraged in this golden and magical time on the planet that we will see his vision enfold further as we have reached out to our brothers and sisters in the Haiti disaster and more and more global networking groups are being created every day. Yes we were born in "interesting times." It is up to use to turn dissension into love and fear into faith. Rock on Mr. Marley! You will never be forgotten, brother.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Powerful Teaching on Forgiveness by Quado.

This is from a spirit being named Quado. This was from 2003 and is one of my favorite teachings in the entire world. I hope you enjoy it as I have. I certainly could relate to the question that was put forth.

Today's message is in answer to a reader's question. The question is: Is forgiving someone also forgetting what has hurt us? I try, during meditation and other times, to accept and let go of the past. At times I have felt that I've forgiven this person, but then a word, a situation I cannot forget creeps in and invariably I dissolve in tears of sadness. I have spent 5 months now trying to free myself from resentment.

Quado, do you have an answer to this question?

Yes, yes, of course.

Forgiveness is a very difficult concept for most people, because most are so tangled up in their process of expectation, anticipation and subsequent disappointment. Someone has promised you something, some type of happiness, perhaps from love, perhaps in some other way. And you have pinned your hopes on this. You have built a mental future around this hope, this ideal situation which is going to deliver you from the pain of your past, the pain of being who you have been all of these years.

And this, this person fails to deliver. They may even go so far as to betray you. They may turn away and leave you. They may even go out of their way to do something hurtful to you, as inexplicable as this seems. And now the person on whom you have placed your trust, the person who was going to give you great gifts of happiness and joy, is an enemy, a betrayer, someone who has not only greatly disappointed you in this instance but who may have shattered your faith in humankind and your ability to trust.

In this scenario, it seems very difficult indeed to forgive. But look for a moment at what has set up this situation. Look at what you were hoping to get from them and the fact that, indeed, they do not have the responsibility to deliver happiness to you. No, not even your parents or caregivers as a child [had that responsibility]. It is unfortunate if they betrayed the trust of a child, but when you look back, you may see that they were doing the best they could, being who they were and the circumstances under which they labored.

But as an adult, truly, you must begin with not setting these expectations upon other people. You must learn to take responsibility for your own happiness and realize that what may appear to you to be a promise, a deal in which you are saying that you will give this and that in exchange for your happiness, may not be viewed in the same way at all by them. They may not see the deal in this way and may be formulating their own deal, whereby you are expected to give them happiness in exchange for something else. And perhaps the two of you have simply missed the mark, each trying to get something from the relationship that the other did not have to give. And in their own anger and disappointment, they have hurt you badly.

Suppose instead that you were to approach relationships from a place of internal peace. You are who you are and are comfortable in being centered there. You know yourself and know what you can count on yourself to do. You are deeply peaceful within your self, and know that the joy of life can flood down into you at your command, and bring you the peace you desire. You know and accept that no one else is going to bring you this deep internal peace and connection. You accept that other people are focused primary upon themselves, and that this is OK. You accept also that there will be people with whom you can walk on your path for a time, and if you are fortunate, you will be able to bring each other moments of happiness and joy.

But you know that this may also be a temporary thing, as all things are temporary, for life is change and nothing remains the same. And importantly, you know that there is no state of perfect happiness to be attained, there is no place you can reach where you finally say, "Ah, that's it. Now, because I have enough money and someone who loves me, I can finally rest and relax." No there is no such state, and certainly not because of love and money. That state is now or not at all.

You can relax right now, with this amount of money and with no one to love you except yourself. You can stop right now in this moment, look up at the sky and feel the connection you have with the entire universe, and let the love and joy and peace of that connection flood into you. You can do this now and in the next moment and in the next. But you cannot do it in the future, based upon having attained some state, and especially not a state which relies upon someone else to supply some piece of the puzzle, some ingredient.

And so, you are deeply disappointed, and you are full of resentment. You gave and didn't get. You made a bargain and it was not kept. You must let go of that bargain and accept responsibility for having done a possibly foolish thing. You must accept responsibility for having built up expectations in someone else and then having suffered the inevitable disappointment. For no one else can possibly meet these bargains. No one else can possibly complete these silent deals you are making. It is not their responsibility to complete you or to make you happy. That is your job and yours alone.

Accept this, and you can finally begin to forgive. Accept this, and you can begin to see that you counted too much on someone else, perhaps that you gave away parts of yourself which were not even asked for.

Do not give yourself away and then try to get yourself back. Do not give and give and give and then become angry and resentful, because you are not receiving what you think you deserve in return.

Instead, hold yourself complete. Give what is appropriate to give. Give what you wish to give freely instead of making deals. Do not sacrifice and then expect it to be appreciated. If the sacrifice is too great, then do not make it. And if you wish to make it, accept responsibility for it, accept that you are giving what you are giving and that you have no right to expect anything in return. If it is your gift, then give it. Or it is not a gift, if it is a loan which you expect to be repaid, then make sure the other party understands this clearly, and consciously accepts this bargain. Otherwise, give and let go. Give and let go. Do not give and then try to get in return. It does not work.

Contemplate all of this. See if it helps you to understand where you have true responsibility. See if it helps you understand the level to which you are responsible for your own happiness: you and only you.

And then, turn your focus and attention into now. Make your life right now so full of adventure and vibrant energy, that there is no room in it for nurturing old resentments, for harboring an old grudge. If you are full of resentment, then you are not bringing enough new material into your life right now. There are new people to meet. There are new adventures to be had.

But how can you trust anyone again, you ask? Trust yourself. Trust yourself to make yourself happy. Let other people be the frosting, not the key ingredients of the cake. Build yourself up from the inside out. No one can disappoint you if you do not have any expectations of them, other than that they will be who they are, as they are. That is all anyone can be.

Right now, you can be happy; you can be full of peace, internal peace which connects deeply with all that is. Right now, you can pull down the loving energy of the universe and allow it to fill you. Right now, you can accept yourself just as you are, and accept everyone else as they are. Right now, you can allow life to be, to unfold in its own way. Right now, you can watch a blade of grass or an unfolding flower and be filled with the great glory of life. Right now, you can build up a core of integrity inside you, a core of deep internal peace that does not need external completion, a self which is so strong that it glows and warms the world.

Focus in this moment. Focus here. Focus on your own internal truth. Stop your patterns of expectation and disappointment. Accept all that is just as it is, including yourself. And be patient with yourself as you unlearn old ways and take on new approaches. Be patient and loving and accepting, letting life unfold in its own pace. Right now, you are as you are and it is good. In the next moment, you will be a little different and that will be good too. Let it all flow gently and lovingly in this way. Allow yourself the time and grace to become.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friendship, love & boundaries

I love you. I trust you. I will be here for you when you are hurting, and when I am hurting I will not leave. ~ Taken from a vow renewal ceremony

I have been faced recently with some dear friends and family members that have been going through very difficult challenges in their lives. As a counselor, it is my nature to help and as a friend it is my nature to care. As an empath, it has sometimes been difficult to tolerate the negative emotional and physical energetic that surrounds these folks.

I have pondered this and realized there seem to be two types of individuals in this regard. There are those that ARE in pain but doing their best to be awake and to walk through it as effectively as possible. They give a shout out when they need it and are pull in when they need to be quiet. In other words, they are doing their best to take care of their needs and be responsible about their own situation. They talk to me about their "stuff" but do not look to me to fix or solve it for them. They usually do the best and move through their challenges the quickest and with the most grace I have found.

The second type of folks talk about their situation incessantly but if I offer any type of suggestion to them about how to correct it they get evasive or angry at me. They are "stuck" but they do not seem to take any steps to move forward. Every misfortune that comes their way pushes them further into victimhood and a "why me?" mentality. Their problems become an addiction or crutch, similar to alcohol or a drug. It clouds their reality on many levels, obscuring the good that is present in their lives. At times I have found that while people are in such a negative spiral I have had to keep a physical distance from them, while still including them in my daily prayer and dedication work.

I found that when I would speak up to these folks about their negativity, I would feel slightly guilty, like perhaps I was adding "insult to injury" as they say. A wise friend recently told me that I was acting as a true friend by speaking my truth to them and alerting them to their behaviors. I was surprised that the person in question was able to hear me and really take in what I said. When we speak now she goes into much LESS negativity which is wonderful. It was a wonderful learning lesson that as I practiced self-love and kept healthy boundaries for myself, it opened the space for others to do the same. Like the quote at the beginning of this piece, I still held a place of love for them and did not abandon them and viola! More miracles.

Bright Blessings to you today fine readers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rumi & the precious healing mixture.

"You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it!" ~ Rumi

I love this quote by Rumi and the past few days I have given it some deep thought. What is this precious mixture for healing and how do I access it? I have been dealing with a health issue since 2008 and have made great strides, but still do have pain flare-ups from time to time and am not completely out of the woods with it.

I realized that often when we are dealing with an illness or an injury there is an tendency to be angry with the body and even reject it on some level. It isn't working right, how dare it! Right? :)

I also realized that there can also be considerable fear and doubt present with thoughts like, "What if I don't get well?" I noticed that when I was on vacation, engrossed in an project or having fun with friends, I was in considerably LESS pain. My mind was focused on something else and the intelligence of my body was freed up to do what it does naturally!

I remembered many years ago when I injured my back in a serious car accident and how I made what the doctor's considered a "miraculous" recovery. I focused on the area every day in my mind's eye and sent it love and light. I just KNEW with all of my being that I would recover, and I did!

So my fine readers, what is the precious mixture Rumi speaks about? I think it is a fine concoction of: faith, patience, humor, forgiveness and most importantly self-love.

May we all be well.
May we all be at peace.
May we all be filled with loving-kindness.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti & the earth changes.

Like many of us, I was disheartened to hear of the recent large earthquake in Haiti. I took this issue to Guidance and this what I received.

These movements of earth serve several purposes, they are an outbreath on the planet. They are not meant to be a punishment in any way, as some might perceive. They also serve to bring attention to these parts of the planet that are often impoverished on some level i.e. economically, politically, morally or all of the above. There is a dance of balance that is taking place. Mother earth seeks balance in her ecology, her energies and her life. The polarity of high/low, light/dark has been too great.

In this outpouring of great love that is currently occurring, there is tremendous spiritual support. Those embodied can utilize these energies at this time for their growth and help for their brothers and sisters. Ask to make yourselves useful, to be of service. There is great love here for you. The time to become creators yourselves is at hand. These situations are meant to draw your attention, not to create more fear, but awareness. Also, to dispel the illusion of separation between peoples. If this happened in your own town you would not hesitate to act. The concept of ONE WORLD is emerging, not as some far away concept, but has a reality. You are the ones to make this happen. We leave you today in peace.
Aum. Namaste.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2012 (part two)

To be able to kill one’s “enemy” in battle one of the ultimate illusions on your planet. To kill in this way is no different than killing your own child, flesh of your flesh. It has been said many times, in truth there is only ONE. To believe in separation based on ethnicity, religion or any other “ism” is insanity, delusion and in many cases, evil.

I asked about how to deal with those in power that would propagate an agenda of war such as what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. They showed me a large energetic field in the cosmos and demonstrated how we all are part of that creative force acting as little creators in our own right. They said, these places are your earth, are very dark and backward in their thinking and customs. We liken it to what your Christ said, “The poor have always been among you.” There is a wave that has begun and it is building in momentum. How can you help your brothers in war-torn areas? Work on YOURSELF first and hold them in your highest thoughts of peace, compassion and love.

Regarding prophesies of upcoming destruction, we tell you this, many of you have been clearing your karmas and preparing your bodies and minds for the increase of Light on your planet. Why would you prepare yourselves just to be destroyed? Think about it logically, it does not make sense. The Lightworkers have been prepared to assist and to serve, they are needed here and their jobs are just beginning! Even some so-called spiritual thinkers are showing a profound lack of faith. Yes, as a planet and people you must change your ways and that is already happening. There are those that liken your planet to an old junker car sitting in someone’s front yard,just collecting rust. There is a “why bother?” mentality to that. The thought that the earth is already so damaged and so fractured, that to destroy her might actually be a good thing. You have come to this place for a reason and this planet is your home. There are those that could come along with paint, new tires and a skilled mechanic and could take that junker and make her into something useful and beautiful once again. This is the task at hand. We leave you today with peace unending. Aum. Namaste.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thoughts on the Authentic Self.

I was pondering Sarah Bierman's ideas this morning and took that into my meditation. I got that when we are in Authentic Self, it is always a soulful place of expansion, joy and light. There is an ease to our movements and communications with others. Her thoughts about NOT being able to spend time with those folks that diminish our authenticity really hit home with me. This past year I spent much more time in solitude and declined many social invitations. I just wasn't "feeling it" as they say.

When we lower our vibration to make others more comfortable and to "not make waves" we actually create MORE in the long run. Doing this diminishes ourselves and plays into old, dysfunctional programming and fear. It empowers falsehood and denies the truth in ourselves and others. To be in our Authentic Self is to invite others to do the same. It creates what Guidance has referred to as the "dominant vibration." Dominant not in an overbearing sort of way, but a higher note so to speak, using a tone scale. As one who spent many years "putting my light under a bushel," it feels so good just to stop! I realize a lot of it has to do with the opinions of others and we all know what they say about opinions! How important are people's opinions of us anyway? Thank goodness we are developing to a point as a people where it can be understood that if someone is angry or excessively judgmental regarding us, these negative emotions were not created by us and we are merely serving as a catalyst for their transformation. It is up to that person whether or not they own it, clear it and heal it.

This year will be a very interesting case study to put this type of work into action. These are interesting times indeed and we are so blessed to be here and to have each others friendship and love for support.

Bright blessings to you all.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Talking back to 2012. ~ (Part one)

There has been a lot of information out there regarding 2012, some good, some bad and some that is just plain ridiculous. Don't even get me started on that big-budget Hollywood film that recently came out! Sitting with Guidance on New Year's Day 2010, what came through was interesting to me. I hope that you all enjoy it and that the coming year brings all of your heart's desires to fruition for you.

Humanity’s job now is to prepare your hearts and vessel bodies for the Christ/Light. There will be a “return” as the prophets have said, but it will be an “inside job” so to speak. We shy away from the term Christ as there has been baggage associated with this word over the years, but we are referring to the one Solar SUN/SON of what is known to be God/Source Energy. The Source energy is so vast that the SUN/SON gives it a focal point of reference to specialize this energy so that it can be more widely and wisely used.

Yes, the doomdayers operate off and from a place of fear and also disempowerment. Since you are not only made in the image of the creator, you ARE creators yourselves, then there is no point whatsoever in accepting destruction as your future reality. There is enough mind, muscle, heart and spirit power to eradicate hunger from the face of the planet if only these powers would be unified, working together for a common goal.

There does not have to be a “fight” between Spirit and ego, not as previously dealt with in earlier times such as when ACIM (A Course in Miracles) was first given for your use. The planet and its people have grown in leaps and bounds since then. There will always be those among you, that have seemingly lost their way and that walk the path of least resistance. Do not judge or curse them for they have their karmas, their journeys. Now is the time to take a position of detached strength, an organized light force, so to speak. Many of the lightworkers have been doing deep, individual, inner work and the fruits of these efforts are now being shown. In as sense there is a battle before you, but it is not what it might appear to be. The battle will be won with love and non-resistance, but also with focused intention. In the coming months there will be another strong influx of the light energies, which may be temporarily disorienting for some. Continue to support these beings in body, mind and spirit through healthy diet, grounding and emotional care.

Part of what is creating the doubt and fear is the history of planet earth. There has been much death, suffering and war upon this planet for thousands of years. It is reflected in the history books, documentaries and in your thoughts. It has been passed down to the children. We say to you, study your wars no longer. Release a belief in war as a necessary evil. Evil is evil, period. The time for suffering of this kind will soon be over, if enough beings choose it.

Aum. Namaste. Peace.

~ End of Part one.