Monday, March 29, 2010

Giving things away & the energy exchange

Hello dear readers! I hope you are doing well this fine day. Today the topic at hand is giving things away and the energy exchange. When I say "things" I am referring to services for the most part for this discussion. In the healing tradition of Reiki energy healing that I am a part of, the founder Dr. Mikao Usui stressed this point quite emphatically in his teachings. As practitioners of any art or craft, we are to be compensated for the hours of study and time we put in perfecting our work. This compensation does not have to be monetary necessarily, it can be an exchange of goods or services, the "barter" system also works beautifully.

Why is it important to have a proper energy exchange? First of all, people that tend to be "takers" are often in a victim spiral or consciousness. I have also found that some people do not value things that they receive for free. In the US, we are in such a materialistic culture that is often the case. In some cases, we can actually enable people in their victimhood by continually offering them services for no charge. In the cosmic bank that is the Universe, what message are people sending if they are always taking and not replenishing in some way?

Everyone can have times where we become down on our luck. For example in 2008, I found myself to be quite broke between dealing with a health issue and a sluggish economy. I had given a friend some money years ago to help with their medical bills during a time when I could easily afford to do so. That same friend upon hearing of my situation sent me a check which really saved the day. The tables were turned and now they were in a prosperous state of being. I had made a deposit in the cosmic bank account and when I needed to make a withdrawal it was there for me, wonderful!

It is important also that we offer our brothers and sisters the kind of respect that we would want to receive. On the other hand, I am not advocating never giving of our time and services for no charge. As practitioners and as people we need to find for ourselves how much is in our comfort level to offer pro bono. I have gotten fairly astute over the years at accessing whether or not a client has a real need, or is just trying to get a deal and not pay full price. I also believe in offering a sliding scale and do not believe it is good for my karma to send anyone away that is in need of healing services. It is a balance dear friends, of listening to ourselves and determining what is in the highest service to both ourselves and our clients.

Wishing you love and an abundance of all good things.


  1. Thanks for this... I feel like I've been making "deposits" for years !!!! It does wear on one, and get old. I keep saying, that ONE day, it will all come my way. I'm still waiting.
    ~ Peace

  2. Thanks and blessings to you Brandi. Perhaps taking a little break from deposits might be in order? I had to do that myself last year when I was suffering from a wicked case of burnout! Sometimes its good just to tend to ourselves and our own needs for a time, so our cup can be overflowing once again. :)

  3. Thanks Irma, I believe in giving very deeply. I have found that what you give you will get back. The exception to this is if you do something with the intent that you will receive something back then many times nothing comes. We have to give because we want to give not because we believe we will get something in return.