Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heaven on Earth - a new series of entries

Heaven on Earth #1

So how do we create Heaven on Earth dear friends? It's simple, if you've got sh*t in your heart, body or soul, dump it. If you can't do it yourself, get some help. Do something good for someone else every day. If you have more time than money, give of your time. If you have more money than time, then give some money. You don't need to shine up your Merkaba or align your chakras. Just be love. Just do it.


  1. Simple yet true.


  2. Thanks for your comment Aine. It's interesting, this new series of information that is coming through IS very simple and direct! A bit of a departure from my usual style. :)

    Good to hear from you as always.

  3. See also the Project Heaven on Earth
    group on Facebook.

  4. Love is the answer!! If we can open our heart to love, starting with ourselves we can truly find a more joyful life. Be grateful everyday & always give to others for it is in giving that we open our own heart to find the love we have inside.