Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If thine eye be single - a reflection on judgment.

Hello Bright Star friends! I hope this finds you well. I recently received a powerful teaching in my own life and I thought to share it with you.

Since I have become more in the public eye with the two group pages that I have on Facebook, I have also gotten more criticism and judgment from the outside world. For some reason many so-called "spiritual" people feel a need to tell me exactly what they perceive that I am doing incorrectly which in many cases has caused me to feel defeated, hurt and irritated.

I was thinking about the last round of criticism I got and the Keepers (Guides of the Akashic Records that I work with,) mentioned the scriptural quote, "If thine eye be single, thy body will be filled with light." (Matthew 6:22) They explained to me that the two eyes have to do with the outer world of the senses and of ego, while the single eye is related to the Ajna "third eye" chakra and of inner vision. Light is gathered from going within ourselves, not gathered in the sense-based 3D world. I know this is also their way of advising me to spend more time in mediation, but there was also more to it.

This year in my solar return chart I have a Mercury/Pluto conjunction which is quite powerful. It has to do with communicating ideas that can be deemed controversial and can possibly create discomfort in others, also dealing with "shadow" material which often has the same effect. For those that came after me with their judgment and criticism, my initial response (since I am feeling a bit extra cocky with that conjunction,) is to ask them WHY they are saying these things and to somehow defend my position or at least get them to see what they are doing leaving these nasty posts on my Facebook wall. Just before I was going to post something about it, I had a flash that I was judging them for judging me! It was quite funny actually. I was shown that I was still "in the loop" of ego-driven communication with these people. What is the difference really who started it? I "bit the hook" as my wise friend would say and they got me. In that moment I lost it by giving my power and serenity away. They aren't responsible for that, I am.

When the criticism first started I took it in a different way. I wasn't as clear about my intention and context as I am now, which is one of the reasons I believe it came in more often. Now I am very clear of the context of my groups and also my direction as the leader of them, yet the judgment is still occurring from time to time. One of the things that I am committed to as a minister and also a human being is being part of the solution on the planet at this time. Judgments of others are a clear indicator of how invested we are in "our" concepts and ideas. The Keepers also said, "Who is the bigger "sinner," the one doing the error or the one judging them for it?" It is easy to look around in the world and see errors all around us, the most glaring one in our world currently being the Gulf oil spill. Blame is definitely NOT in a vibration of love and perpetuates ego-based communication that is based on separateness and ultimately, illusion.

I saw that in these experiences of being judged by others that I always have a choice. I can perpetuate the useless game of "being right" or I can let it go. I can focus my single eye inward to gather strength and light. There are some people that feel a great need to gift us with the benefit of their views! That is all they are, their views. There is no ultimate right or wrong way to do anything. We are all walking our own path based on our karma, perception and other factors. Every time we disengage from the ego-game we create one more opportunity for peace and healing in our world. This is precisely what being part of the solution really looks like! I invite you to try this, beloved friends.

"The threshold between right and wrong is pain" - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Wishing you peace and light in these challenging times.