Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti & the earth changes.

Like many of us, I was disheartened to hear of the recent large earthquake in Haiti. I took this issue to Guidance and this what I received.

These movements of earth serve several purposes, they are an outbreath on the planet. They are not meant to be a punishment in any way, as some might perceive. They also serve to bring attention to these parts of the planet that are often impoverished on some level i.e. economically, politically, morally or all of the above. There is a dance of balance that is taking place. Mother earth seeks balance in her ecology, her energies and her life. The polarity of high/low, light/dark has been too great.

In this outpouring of great love that is currently occurring, there is tremendous spiritual support. Those embodied can utilize these energies at this time for their growth and help for their brothers and sisters. Ask to make yourselves useful, to be of service. There is great love here for you. The time to become creators yourselves is at hand. These situations are meant to draw your attention, not to create more fear, but awareness. Also, to dispel the illusion of separation between peoples. If this happened in your own town you would not hesitate to act. The concept of ONE WORLD is emerging, not as some far away concept, but has a reality. You are the ones to make this happen. We leave you today in peace.
Aum. Namaste.

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