Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning from the inside out.

In just two more days the powerful planet will go from retrograde motion to direct again, free up more forward movement in our lives and paving the way for Springtime. Like many of us, I have been doing my own personal spring cleaning in a big way, but this time more on a spiritual and personal level.

I recently had a difficult encounter with a long-time client of mine. We have known each other for many years know and seen both dark and happy times for each of us. Recently my beloved spaniel Penny Lane had surgery and I was given an erroneous diagnosis which produced a stressful couple of days to say the least! I was accused of being inconsiderate to the needs and desires of my client while this was going on. The real negativity came in the form of the "silent treatment" that I received for several days, all the while feeling the anger and negative energies from this person. I am clear that I was doing my best in a very difficult situation. In discussing this with one of my wise and wonderful friends, she pointed out that many of us who grew up with needy, demanding family members learned to put our own needs aside to serve others no matter what. This in extreme levels can produce co-dependent behaviors that can be carried throughout our lifetime. The one thing that really stood out in this interaction with the client was the thought that I am a human being doing the best that I can on any given day and I am allowed to make mistakes. We all do for goodness sake! As I thought and wrote about this it was clear to me that I did really believe it, so why was this kind of behavior from others still showing up in my environment? Good question.

Sometimes we hang onto people and situations that no longer serve our highest purpose. Why do we do this? Perhaps out of comfort, fear of change or perhaps even a paycheck. When people leave our lives suddenly it can be very disruptive and even hurtful. In this situation I was shown that it was indeed time to part ways with this person. The main reason? Just like Aretha sang about: RESPECT. If we are angry or hurt about someone's behavior, we owe it to them and ourselves to speak our truth with as much diplomacy and compassion as possible. Most people do not think about the negativity that "stewing in one's own juices" can really create, not only for the person stewing, but also the person they are stewing about as we are all connected.

As the earth changes and the vibrations become higher and cleaner, we are seeing "instant karma" more directly in our lives. We are being called to live lives of balance, light and integrity. If people or situations are no longer serving us we are free to "shake the dust from our feet" and move on. We must no longer be bound by an exaggerated sense of duty to toxic people or environments. So what area of your sacred life needs a bit of cleaning?

Wishing you peace & starlight in these magical times.


  1. As helpers we also have a difficult time disengaging ourselves from others because we so want to help. I have learned (the hard way too many times) to remind myself that if I truly want to help, sometimes this means walking away and saving a negative person and myself from generating anymore negative karma. Also, as I'm sure you know but this is just validating your own wisdom at a time of needed support, which we all need from time to time, when it's time to let someone go, it's usually time for them to learn to stand on their own, it's like pushing the child out of the nest. If they never stand on their own, then they were never going to anyway.

    Love and light,


  2. So true Aine. I am finding the gift of getting older and wiser, is the whole "choosing your battles" thing. Some situations are futile and truly must be left behind and other situations are workable. It is in wisdom and insight where we find the difference. Thank you for your comments as always kind friend. Blessings to you.

  3. Wonderful post as usual and timely... yes, indeed, the karmic response feels as if is becoming more "instant". The opportunity to "let go" and release that and those which no longer serve our highest - is a Universal Opportunity... a gift for the all. It is the response (able) thing to do. Thank you Irma.

  4. Laselina, thank you so much! I am happy for your readership and thank you for your comment. I love the idea of the "Universal Opportunity." That truly IS a gift!

  5. Thanks Irma some wonderful thoughts. I hope the shift of the planet helps get the economy back on track because I've been looking for work for over 9 months now so any change in that regard would be good.



  6. Beautiful post. I agree that we do not let go of people and things mostly because it is comfortable and comforting. It is scary to start anew. Sometimes we do not have enough faith in ourselves and don't believe we can do that.