Monday, March 1, 2010

Heaven on Earth - #4

Today Guidance addressed the issue of overwhelm, especially in regards to helping those affected by the current natural disasters.

It is understood that there will be some days where you will be tired or more affected by inertia. We say this, a kind thought, a light thought however small, is very useful. There will be some that will be guided to do a "big" effort such as actually traveling to the affected areas to help. This is wonderful of course, but will not be the way for everyone. Give what you can, whether it is a few dollars or even your daily prayers.

It is also useful in these times to stay as positive and hopeful as possible. Attitudes of fear and doubt serve to add more pounds to an already heavy situation (i.e. Haiti and Chile.)

There will also be those that will analyze these disasters from an end-times point of view and try to ascribe all kinds of meanings to them. We say this, help your brothers and sisters the best that can you can in this now moment, and leave the analysis to one side. These type of issues are best helped with heart energies, not in over analysis. The relief effort should be on all levels; help with immediate physical needs such as food, water and medical care and then later on help will be needed in the rebuilding effort.

We leave you this day with peace unending. Aum. Shanti. Amen.


  1. Thanks Sweetie, that's great advice for something even if it's a prayer for the people effected by these tragic situations.



  2. Mornin' Bill,
    Always so nice to see you and I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

    Thanks & blessings,

  3. That is a beautiful advice, very thoughtful. Guess we all have to pay attention to those in need, sometimes even a word of consolation or a silent prayer can do wonders.