Monday, November 15, 2010

Discernment & Channeled Information

Hello friends. I hope this finds you all well today. I am asked fairly often to review video and printed material from channeled sources as some people are unclear about the authenticity of the work. I am honored that they would turn to me for this, but I thought it would be a good idea to blog on this topic just for general information's sake.

Firstly, authentic, high-frequency information is compassionate, helpful and loving. High-level beings/sources will not engage in what is termed "enemy patterning," finger-pointing or side-taking of any kind. If you discern that type of energy or message in the work you can be fairly certainly it is not reliable information and it is possibly being translated through the egoic filter of the channel. The human ego is quite fond of the words, "always" and "never," and the limitation and constriction that they connote. High level channeled information tends to steer clear of such wording as they have knowledge of the changeable nature of realily and that we are not truly locked into anything, but can only create self-inflicted prisons of our own dogmatic or intractable belief systems.

Also, pay attention to how the material makes you FEEL. This is very important and cannot be stressed enough. The word, both spoken and printed has great power. Words can build up, create and also destroy. They also are very good carriers of vibration, pure and simple. If reading or listening to channeled information makes you feel a sense of dread or anxious, that is an important sign to look out for. Granted there is some material that can be coming from legitimate sources that you simply don't resonate with and that is perfectly fine. Again, listen to your visceral, "gut feelings" with this, they will not steer you wrong.

Another thing to watch for is if the Source refers to its power, role in the Universe, etc. This is also a red flag that it is not a high-level being and is possibly doing a great job of puffing up the ego of the channel it is working through. Legitimate spiritual sources do not have an "axe to grind" of any sort and you will not feel or hear anything like that when they communicate.

On the other hand there can be channeled material that is authentic that can actually cause a reaction in you. In that case, the material has exercised an aspect of its job. We have been given spiritual information to assist with our own development and healing. Every now and again, something might hit us and cause a reaction, but it is merely shining a light on a area within us that is up for healing and transformation.

Also, just because a channel is popular or widely received does not mean that it is legitimate. We are in an age of much mis and dis-information and one must be mindful and discerning, especially with news and spiritual information.

Regarding 2012 and other prophecies, it is very important that we do not buy into gloom and doom philosophies or viewpoints, as we are creating our reality. Keeping our thoughts and vibration as balanced and high as possible is of utmost importance. Legitimate spiritual sources often see a much bigger picture than we are able to, and will point out our divinity and sovereignty as spiritual beings. They will not speak about our limitations, many of which are illusory and mistakenly self-imposed.

Bright blessings,
Irma Kaye Sawyer
Bright Star Consulting Services

Update - 2.17.12

Some other red flags that I have seen in some popular channeled material are:

1) Pie in the Sky or what I call "Pink Unicorn" philosophy, which takes you out of the NOW moment and into some future time when everything will be peachy.

2) "Head patting," condescending or patronizing material that talks down to you as if you are a child or somehow lacking in intelligence or understanding.

3) Material that is dis-empowering and speaks to the need for you to be "saved" from the bad guys.

4) Material that is deemed "Urgent." First of all, urgency is a human invention meant to cause an emotional response. The word itself has a very dramatic connotation. High level Guidance may use words like "important," or "timely," but they will stay away from dramatic words, especially words that can cause alarm.

I have seen an increase in the popularity of this type of material, especially over the past year. With an increase in the earth's vibration and big changes in the "weather" the desire for an escape is understandable. Escaping into a good book, movie or music is a healthier place to go as opposed to chasing Pink Unicorns, but of course that's just my opinion. :)

Be well everyone. ~ IK*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Wounded Healer & The Future of Channeled Information

You have asked about the archetype of Chiron and the "wounded healer" and why so many of those that serve have experienced this dynamic in their lives.

This is part of a Piscean Age dynamic that is not necessarily negative, but will soon be transmuting into something else entirely. In a 3D reality on earth, much human knowledge is imparted by experience. Also, in the process of opening the heart and the faculty of compassion, one's life experiences and oftentimes what is perceived as pain, serve to open the individual by creating what has been called a "soft spot" of vulnerability. You are moving towards a reality where Love is the ruler and beings will be able to perceive knowledge and information telepathically, not necessarily by going through painful experiences. Those that have chosen this path are blessed by their selflessness and thirst for soul knowledge It has been said by your Wise Ones that at some point, "What one seeks begins seeking them," and this is true. As you meld completely with your soul's path and desire to serve, you pave the way for higher consciousness and the ability to spiritually "download" any and all information that is needed in the moment. ~ The Keepers

It is indeed possible to received channeled information that is not subject to ego/mind and its filters. When one is aligned with the wisdom-eye of the heart/soul, they are able to connect to their own source of Divinity and its highest loving aspects. It is possible and will be coming more so in your future, to be able to receive information and energy purely and without constraints, as the vehicle and mind of the channel have expanded to hold a higher frequency. The mind/ego aspects are not eradicated but assimilated in such a manner that they no longer post an impediment to the energies and information being presented. ~ The Keepers, 11/14/10

Wishing you all bright blessings in these magical times,
Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer