Monday, July 19, 2010

The Blue Pearl empowerment - coming soon!

Hello friends,
I have been guided by the Keepers (the Guides of the Akashic Records) to bring forth a new energetic system and empowerment called "The Blue Pearl." I am sharing it with you here also to partake of the automatic copyright that this blog is enabled with.

I will soon begin work on the manual and you will be the first to see it upon publishing! Thank you as always for your support of my work and the Bright Star Blog.

Blessed Pearl of luminous light, unfold to me your mysteries. Reveal to me the true nature of my being, as a divine spark of infinite love. So be it! Amen.

In previous times it was required for the spiritual aspirant to prove him or herself to the teacher/guru before he or she could be initiated into the Blue Pearl. Some aspirants may have these experiences without prompting or training, based on knowledge and merit gained from previous lives. In these times many have been called to this knowledge and are ready to take a higher level of spiritual evolution and development. This is why the mystery schools are open to more students now than in the past. The vibrations are higher on a general level in the physical world as well, and this supports the transformation that can occur as a result of these transmissions. These activations serve to awaken inner Divinity and bridge the gap from the inner dimensions that exist within the human mind. ~ The Keepers

Many blessings,
Irma Kaye


  1. Oh how exciting!! Huge hugs! Thank you, Angel!!

  2. Thank you Stephie for your wonderful love and support! ~ :)