Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rumi & the precious healing mixture.

"You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it!" ~ Rumi

I love this quote by Rumi and the past few days I have given it some deep thought. What is this precious mixture for healing and how do I access it? I have been dealing with a health issue since 2008 and have made great strides, but still do have pain flare-ups from time to time and am not completely out of the woods with it.

I realized that often when we are dealing with an illness or an injury there is an tendency to be angry with the body and even reject it on some level. It isn't working right, how dare it! Right? :)

I also realized that there can also be considerable fear and doubt present with thoughts like, "What if I don't get well?" I noticed that when I was on vacation, engrossed in an project or having fun with friends, I was in considerably LESS pain. My mind was focused on something else and the intelligence of my body was freed up to do what it does naturally!

I remembered many years ago when I injured my back in a serious car accident and how I made what the doctor's considered a "miraculous" recovery. I focused on the area every day in my mind's eye and sent it love and light. I just KNEW with all of my being that I would recover, and I did!

So my fine readers, what is the precious mixture Rumi speaks about? I think it is a fine concoction of: faith, patience, humor, forgiveness and most importantly self-love.

May we all be well.
May we all be at peace.
May we all be filled with loving-kindness.


  1. It can certainly take a great deal of patience dealing with a chronic condition, wisdom, I have found comes with the practice of this patience. One thing I've learned with my body is that it is most certainly my guide and I generally find that when I listen to the guidance my body is giving me, I gain great wisdom about myself. But this is my individual path that works for me - to each his/her own.


  2. Irma, I love your blog and am now following you! Glad you found your way to Authentic Blogger, btw. It is wonderful to have you in our community, and an equal blessing for me particularly, to see more bloggers joining our group who "speak my language" in terms of Spirit and healing. I will look forward to reading more of your work!

    ~ Dawn

  3. Irma, thanks I love everything Rumi has to say, such a wise person. I know the answer to everything in life is love & self-love is the first step, love needs to begin from within you & radiate out to the rest of the world. All of our thoughts are actions & if we fight with our body, our body fights back against us. If we love our body our body loves us back.

    Welcome to the group,



  4. Thank you Dawn, Bill and Aine for your wonderful comments! I agree with you Bill wholeheartedly when we love our body that it always responds positively!

    Also, Aine you are so right about looking at physical challenges or illness as a learning experience, because it truly is. Thank you insightful friends!

  5. So nice to meet you through Authentic Bloggers. I am following your blog now and look forward to many more wonderful posts.

    I, too, suffer from pain issues and I agree that focusing on the positive certainly helps.

    Be well,