Monday, October 4, 2010

Sedona Journey & Vision Quest - September 2010

Hello friends,
Thank you for your interest and questions about my recent trip to Sedona, AZ. I am still grounding in those powerful energies and experiences as I make my way back to my usual surroundings.

I found the entire town to be one big vortex! Of course the vortex sites themselves have their own special energies. I enjoyed Boynton Canyon the best. I heard from a local expert that they call Boynton the "misfit" vortex because it is so unique. No one has the same experience there twice. I went on two different days and explored different areas. In meditation on one day, I strongly saw and felt the presence of angels in my mind's eye. I could feel them doing a healing on me, felt predominantly in my energy body. It was very subtle, but powerful at the same time. I also climbed to the top of "Airport" vortex and found the energies there to be strong and more yang/masculine in their feel. I was guided to do a simple ritual there and let go of past energies that were hanging around in my energy field that were no longer of use.

I had an old back injury flare up on the trip also, which was a bit disconcerting as I had a lot of hiking to do. On day two of the trip, I was napping and actually felt hands working on me even though no one was present physically. It was so tangible that it woke me up! That was very interesting. After that experience the pain was lessened considerably. I saw in my vision upon falling asleep at night the most beautiful, angelic, female face. She appeared to be exotic in appearance like she could be Polynesian, but had a definite Native American feel to her energy. I heard from one of my new Sedona friends that she was "Lady Kachina" who is likened to the patron saint of Boynton Canyon. Beautiful! I felt her presence off and on for my entire trip of six days.

It is said that the strong spiritual energies of Sedona can bring up our fears and other blockages. It was quite interesting what it brought up for me; things that were quite unexpected and hidden out of sight of my conscious mind. I found the entire journey to be very profound and useful at the current stage of my path. I feel that my vibration was raised there considerably, and I plan to be diligent in keeping it that way through wholesome food, company and environment. I feel that in going there I experienced a definite shamanic initiation of sorts. I plan to lead groups there in the future, so I feel that I was given an attunement of sorts to the energy of the area.

I have been to several power spots in the US and Europe including Glastonbury, Joshua Tree and others; and found Sedona to be among the most pristine and powerful energy that I have ever experienced. I highly recommend a trip to all spiritual students and aspirants.

Bright Blessings to you all.