Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Suicide: New light on a difficult subject

Hello dear readers, I recently heard of the death of a friend of a friend by suicide which prompted today's discussion with Guidance.

What do the guides have to say about suicide?

There has been much misinformation given about this subject, especially information that has been filtered through the lens of religion. While suicide would never be considered from a spiritual perspective to be a wholesome choice, sometimes it could be perceived as a necessary one; especially for those souls who are suffering from a terminal, debilitating illness. There is little judgment for those who would see fit to take an animal “down,” but there is much judgment on those who wish to end their suffering and leave a vehicle that is diseased and causing much pain and suffering.

While we will not go into an in-depth theological discussion as to why, where and when these beliefs were created on your planet we will say a few words on the matter. We pose this question, why is it not considered morally reprehensible to take the life of an “enemy” in a war situation, but is considered a soul-damning act to take one’s own life? We tell you again and again, Source Energy does not judge, only humans do. It is also not useful to compare one human experience to another. We have shown this one today that one’s INTENTION at the time of death is very important and will affect everything. If one takes one’s own life out of contempt and anger towards others, with a desire to punish or harm, this would be considered very negative and karma producing, indeed. If one clearly has the desire to end one’s suffering whether it is physical or emotional without intent to harm others that is a different scenario. It has been criticized as being a very selfish act and we say this, an act of suicide with those that leave behind a family of their own creation, especially with young children under the age of 18 has difficult karmic implications. This does create an atmosphere of harm in those surviving him or her. You see the differences here? There is certainly not one “catch all” explanation or karmic path that everyone will fall underneath.

In any case of suicide, it is beneficial to offer potent prayers to both the deceased and all of those connected to the person who chose to end their life in such a manner. It has been said before by your seer Cayce and others, that suicide does leave a pattern or a “samskara” on the soul of the individual that must be dealt with or worked out at some point in the soul’s future. In actuality, holding thoughts of Purgatory, Hell or some other type of damnation are not helpful whatsoever to a soul in their future journeys. We would like to see new information disseminated and accepted among your people to shift the judgment around this issue and to bring more love, patience and understanding for all of those involved.

We leave you this day with peace unending. Aum. Shanti. Shanti.


  1. Energy is energy and it plays out according to how it's directed. Intention and focus play an important role in the direction of energy and where it goes, how it acts; including the focus of intention of where one goes in the "afterlife". Thoughts are powerful things and they are the beginnings of creation. What we think with focus and intention, we create.


  2. Well said Aine. Thank you for your comment.

  3. I have always said and firmly believed that it takes a huge amount of courage to take the final step of completing a suicide. I have also been a strong proponent for the freedom to choose to end life for those stricken with debilitating, degenerative disease - I do not see how that type of choice could cause severe negative karma to ensue. Thanks for sharing this communication, I.K. I will look forward to more!

    ~ Dawn

  4. Irma, read this last night, wanted to post, but had to ponder. I am one of two cancer free members of my family. Cancer has taken the others. They never asked to be released but I don't think they ever asked for the painful quality of their lives at the end. I would not have second guessed them for a second if they had asked nor held back my hand. What caused me to ponder is suicide apart from these types of situations. I have no theological or philosophical reasons to judge it as 'bad.' I have only the deepest most innate hope in my soul that perhaps if we listened a bit better we might have heard their cry before it reached that point. But even if we do hear, the choice is still their choice. I guess my quandry is not so much the deed as the loss of a beautiful but pained soul. Anyway.... thanks for the post, it gave me pause more than once today to listen a bit harder.

  5. Hello Beth,
    Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost family members to cancer. I know first hand what a difficult road that can be.

    Blessings to you.

  6. Irma, a difficult subject for sure. I too believe that there are times when suicide is a just way to end the pain & suffering that a person is going through. Unfortunately because of the stigma that various institutions have put on this act, it will also effect the people left behind. Not just from the pain of losing a loved one but the ridicule of others for not being able to have helped the person involved. The pain can go on for the survivors for a long time because of all the whispered conversations that people have about the situation.

    Remember that no matter what we try to do to help we have no control over anothers actions & we need to help the people left behind without judgment.

    I personally don't believe in a God that punishes so I refuse to believe that no matter the reasons behind this act that they won't be accepted as the beautiful being & energy they are.

    Thanks for sharing,


  7. Thank you for your wonderful and insightful thoughts as always Bill!