Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Robert Nesta Marley.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” ~Bob Marley

Yesterday is the birthday of the great Bob Marley: rastaman, friend, father, musician and prophet. He will forever be one of my musical and spiritual heroes. I dedicated the Facebook healing group that I started, "One Heart for prayers and healing" to his memory. I love that he used his popularity as a singer/songwriter to motivate not only the Jamaican people, but people everywhere to stand up for what is important and stay the course spiritually in their lives. Due to this power, it brought not one, but two assassination attempts on his life which he miraculously survived. This added to the lore about him and his growing status as a Rastafarian prophet.

As I have grown older and tread a bit farther on my own path, I see his messages as even more true and timely today. In truth, there really is only One Love and One Heart. The love of the Source/Eternal One and the Heart that we all share as one human family. I am encouraged in this golden and magical time on the planet that we will see his vision enfold further as we have reached out to our brothers and sisters in the Haiti disaster and more and more global networking groups are being created every day. Yes we were born in "interesting times." It is up to use to turn dissension into love and fear into faith. Rock on Mr. Marley! You will never be forgotten, brother.


  1. Great Artist that we lost way to soon, thanks for helping me remember.



  2. Always great to hear from you Bill. Thanks!

  3. May all our words sing of the joy in our heart, as did Bob Marley. Thanks for the memory.