Monday, January 4, 2010

Talking back to 2012. ~ (Part one)

There has been a lot of information out there regarding 2012, some good, some bad and some that is just plain ridiculous. Don't even get me started on that big-budget Hollywood film that recently came out! Sitting with Guidance on New Year's Day 2010, what came through was interesting to me. I hope that you all enjoy it and that the coming year brings all of your heart's desires to fruition for you.

Humanity’s job now is to prepare your hearts and vessel bodies for the Christ/Light. There will be a “return” as the prophets have said, but it will be an “inside job” so to speak. We shy away from the term Christ as there has been baggage associated with this word over the years, but we are referring to the one Solar SUN/SON of what is known to be God/Source Energy. The Source energy is so vast that the SUN/SON gives it a focal point of reference to specialize this energy so that it can be more widely and wisely used.

Yes, the doomdayers operate off and from a place of fear and also disempowerment. Since you are not only made in the image of the creator, you ARE creators yourselves, then there is no point whatsoever in accepting destruction as your future reality. There is enough mind, muscle, heart and spirit power to eradicate hunger from the face of the planet if only these powers would be unified, working together for a common goal.

There does not have to be a “fight” between Spirit and ego, not as previously dealt with in earlier times such as when ACIM (A Course in Miracles) was first given for your use. The planet and its people have grown in leaps and bounds since then. There will always be those among you, that have seemingly lost their way and that walk the path of least resistance. Do not judge or curse them for they have their karmas, their journeys. Now is the time to take a position of detached strength, an organized light force, so to speak. Many of the lightworkers have been doing deep, individual, inner work and the fruits of these efforts are now being shown. In as sense there is a battle before you, but it is not what it might appear to be. The battle will be won with love and non-resistance, but also with focused intention. In the coming months there will be another strong influx of the light energies, which may be temporarily disorienting for some. Continue to support these beings in body, mind and spirit through healthy diet, grounding and emotional care.

Part of what is creating the doubt and fear is the history of planet earth. There has been much death, suffering and war upon this planet for thousands of years. It is reflected in the history books, documentaries and in your thoughts. It has been passed down to the children. We say to you, study your wars no longer. Release a belief in war as a necessary evil. Evil is evil, period. The time for suffering of this kind will soon be over, if enough beings choose it.

Aum. Namaste. Peace.

~ End of Part one.


  1. I cannot agree more w/ your content, I.K. I have mentioned many times as this needless hysteria is embraced about 2012, that I choose to believe Dec. 21, 2012 will be no more eventful on a global level than the Harmonic Convergence in the late '80's. It is simply unnecessary for us to put negative energy into that calendar date.

    The fact that so many historic calendars end on that date do NOT have to equate worldwide catastrophe. Instead, let's embrace the stepping up in energy - that alone will keep us plenty busy on a personal and global level! I enjoyed your post.

    ~ Dawn

  2. Thank you Dawn. I agree with your thoughts and ideas on the subject. Yes, the stepping up part definitely will be keeping us all busy! :)