Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Releasing the vows that limit us.

We have all heard of them before, the classic monastic vows of: poverty, chastity, humility, silence and obedience. For those living a monastic life they might work pretty well, but for those on the outside of religious orders they can have difficult consequences to say the least!

In my work over the years as a spiritual counselor and Akashic Records reader, I have uncovered vows clients have taken in their soul’s history that sometimes have serious consequences. For example, I once worked with a client that was a lovely woman inside and out and had a loving husband who adored her. She shared with me that she always had difficulties around intimacy and her sexuality and various therapies had not helped her much. They were both very frustrated with this but were determined to not divorce and stick it out no matter what. She grew to dislike sex and even to view it as a “duty” but was surprised by this response. There was also a part of her that enjoyed it and it was as if she was at odds with herself. I did a reading and discovered a lifetime (several actually) where she was a nun and had taken the traditional vows including a vow of chastity. She had also had lifetimes where she had encountered sexual abuse. Those elements when mixed together proved to be highly combustible. In just two sessions we were able to uncover these vows and to release them. Over the next few months she shared with me that she was slowing opening up to her husband and was enjoying their intimate time together much more. That part of her soul was healing and it was beautiful to see.

I have also encountered many talented massage therapists and healing arts practitioners that just couldn’t seem to get it together with their finances. They were “givers” and were often giving away their services for no charge or at a great discount. In spiritual counseling work it often was uncovered that these people either had taken poverty vows, had negative views about money being “unspiritual” or both. Oftentimes it is just the awareness of a pattern that is all we need to shift it. In my work with these clients, they discovered their true worth as practitioners and quit doing their work for free. While donating a percentage of one’s time to the community is a great way to give back, a balance in this area was indicated and had great results in their lives and in their bank accounts too!

In my own life’s journey the wounding that I carried around money was due to an emotionally impoverished childhood. I feel so blessed that I no longer carry the heavy weight and pain of those experiences! I also told everyone in my childhood that would listen that I was here to be a “Soul Doctor.” Interesting, eh? I did not even know that was a real path or practice until many years later when I started my Shamanic healing training. Our souls have wonderful and profound messages for us also if we listen to them.

So how can I clear and release any vows I am carrying you might ask? Take a moment to go into meditation and ask your personal Guides and Higher Self to guide you.

The following is a powerful invocation to help in this purpose:

“I _____, now break all vows, promises and commitments I have made – on any level, in any way from the beginning of time – that no longer serve my present soul purpose. I especially break all vows of poverty, celibacy, pain, lack, suffering, powerlessness, silence, obedience and invisibility. I NOW give myself absolute and total permission to follow my soul’s true path. And so it is! Amen.

Sometimes any vows we have taken are not obvious to us though we might be feeling the negative effects of them in our lives. In that instance working with a qualified Spiritual Counselor and Akashic Record reader would be indicated. This is my work and I offer my services to all in the blogging and Facebook community at a “friends and family” rate, since you are all my friends and family and I am very grateful.

May the truth be revealed to you and may it set you free. My next topic of discussion in this area will be soul contracts.

Wishing you peace & starlight in these magical times.


  1. what an amazing invocation. Something that should be said at the beginning and end of each day. Now that's cleansing.

  2. This is a wonderful post Irma, thanks for sharing the affirmation people can use, we have over the evolution of our consciousness developed what were necessary measures for learning at one point that become misconceptions absorbed into the subconscious. I see this all the time in dream therapy as well. Great reminder to rid ourselves of these.


  3. Thank you so much Beth and Aine for your support and wonderful comments. I am always pleased to hear that people can use what comes forth. Being a Capricorn, I love practical and useful information! Blessings to you both.

  4. Morning Irma, I find this very interesting. I've always been dedicated to my word. I will go out of my to do what I say I'm going to do even if the other person doesn't care. I will work on this invocation & see if it helps release any of the burdens I've carried in my life. I feel the work I've done on my own has moved me to a higher place but I've never examined past vows.

    Thanks for sharing,



  5. That is really not something I had ever thought of before and is amazing to me the effect that past vows could have. Thank you so much for sharing the invocation, the words, even reading now seem so powerful and freeing.

  6. Thank you so much for your comment Bernadine. So glad it was a freeing thing for you!

  7. Today was my introduction to your blog and I am very impressed. The insight you've given in regard to past vows and commitments is so true and can really affect us in such negative ways without our ever knowing the source. I agree with Beth who said the invocation you shared is a wonderful way to start and/or end your day.
    Thank you for