Monday, March 29, 2010

Giving things away & the energy exchange

Hello dear readers! I hope you are doing well this fine day. Today the topic at hand is giving things away and the energy exchange. When I say "things" I am referring to services for the most part for this discussion. In the healing tradition of Reiki energy healing that I am a part of, the founder Dr. Mikao Usui stressed this point quite emphatically in his teachings. As practitioners of any art or craft, we are to be compensated for the hours of study and time we put in perfecting our work. This compensation does not have to be monetary necessarily, it can be an exchange of goods or services, the "barter" system also works beautifully.

Why is it important to have a proper energy exchange? First of all, people that tend to be "takers" are often in a victim spiral or consciousness. I have also found that some people do not value things that they receive for free. In the US, we are in such a materialistic culture that is often the case. In some cases, we can actually enable people in their victimhood by continually offering them services for no charge. In the cosmic bank that is the Universe, what message are people sending if they are always taking and not replenishing in some way?

Everyone can have times where we become down on our luck. For example in 2008, I found myself to be quite broke between dealing with a health issue and a sluggish economy. I had given a friend some money years ago to help with their medical bills during a time when I could easily afford to do so. That same friend upon hearing of my situation sent me a check which really saved the day. The tables were turned and now they were in a prosperous state of being. I had made a deposit in the cosmic bank account and when I needed to make a withdrawal it was there for me, wonderful!

It is important also that we offer our brothers and sisters the kind of respect that we would want to receive. On the other hand, I am not advocating never giving of our time and services for no charge. As practitioners and as people we need to find for ourselves how much is in our comfort level to offer pro bono. I have gotten fairly astute over the years at accessing whether or not a client has a real need, or is just trying to get a deal and not pay full price. I also believe in offering a sliding scale and do not believe it is good for my karma to send anyone away that is in need of healing services. It is a balance dear friends, of listening to ourselves and determining what is in the highest service to both ourselves and our clients.

Wishing you love and an abundance of all good things.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Judgment and Being with what is.

Hello dear readers! I hope this finds you well and happy. Today the topic at hand is judgment of others and being with what is. I have found that many people when dealing with another person that is in distress, especially of an emotional nature are quick to try to "cheer them up" or somehow shift them out of it. What is the reason for this? Many people feel uncomfortable to be with someone who is suffering. Perhaps it triggers their own "stuff" or they are so sensitive that it hurts them personally to see others in pain? I have found for me personally in my counseling career and as an empath I have a hard time dealing with anger and other forceful negative emotion being directed at me, but have learned how to cope with depression, anxiety and grief with a client. Sometimes just being a non-judgmental listening ear is very healing and can actually create a shift in itself.

I have a good example of this. Several years ago I had a client for Reiki/counseling work that was going through a very hard time. She was in a very dysfunctional relationship with a man and it was escalating all the time and had become drama central! Law enforcement had been called out several times, but she still stayed in that toxic situation. Her family and friends were at their wit's end with her. They constantly berated her for her choice of this man and were always trying to bail her out, which she would always decline. Her feelings were being hurt by all of the negativity coming at her from her family and it gave her even more fuel for what had already become a forest fire!

When she came in, I would sit and listen to her. I certainly have a judgmental streak in me just like the next person, but for some reason she made it easy to not judge her. She was a very spiritual, bright and intelligent woman and I could see this in her very clearly. My inner wisdom told me that this was just bad patch she was in and she would be through when she got whatever she needed to get from it. I worked with her a few times and then didn't hear from her for several months. Later that year I got a wonderful phone call from her thanking me profusely for just listening and believing in her ability to solve this issue for herself. She left that toxic relationship and was going to AL-ANON meetings often(her ex boyfriend was a drug addict.) She went on to become a Reiki practitioner herself and even opened up her own healing center a few cities over. She is out there living and thriving and sharing her life-wisdom with others. I am so proud of her!

It often is not easy to deal with emotional pain either in ourselves or in others. That tried and true saying comes to mind, "What you resist, persists." I have certainly found in my own life that running away from an issue or refusing to look at something isn't a great strategy. Denial may buy us a temporary reprieve but never gives us a solution. I have also found that acceptance though sometimes difficult, can have miraculous effects in our lives.

Wishing you peace & starlight in these magical times.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning from the inside out.

In just two more days the powerful planet will go from retrograde motion to direct again, free up more forward movement in our lives and paving the way for Springtime. Like many of us, I have been doing my own personal spring cleaning in a big way, but this time more on a spiritual and personal level.

I recently had a difficult encounter with a long-time client of mine. We have known each other for many years know and seen both dark and happy times for each of us. Recently my beloved spaniel Penny Lane had surgery and I was given an erroneous diagnosis which produced a stressful couple of days to say the least! I was accused of being inconsiderate to the needs and desires of my client while this was going on. The real negativity came in the form of the "silent treatment" that I received for several days, all the while feeling the anger and negative energies from this person. I am clear that I was doing my best in a very difficult situation. In discussing this with one of my wise and wonderful friends, she pointed out that many of us who grew up with needy, demanding family members learned to put our own needs aside to serve others no matter what. This in extreme levels can produce co-dependent behaviors that can be carried throughout our lifetime. The one thing that really stood out in this interaction with the client was the thought that I am a human being doing the best that I can on any given day and I am allowed to make mistakes. We all do for goodness sake! As I thought and wrote about this it was clear to me that I did really believe it, so why was this kind of behavior from others still showing up in my environment? Good question.

Sometimes we hang onto people and situations that no longer serve our highest purpose. Why do we do this? Perhaps out of comfort, fear of change or perhaps even a paycheck. When people leave our lives suddenly it can be very disruptive and even hurtful. In this situation I was shown that it was indeed time to part ways with this person. The main reason? Just like Aretha sang about: RESPECT. If we are angry or hurt about someone's behavior, we owe it to them and ourselves to speak our truth with as much diplomacy and compassion as possible. Most people do not think about the negativity that "stewing in one's own juices" can really create, not only for the person stewing, but also the person they are stewing about as we are all connected.

As the earth changes and the vibrations become higher and cleaner, we are seeing "instant karma" more directly in our lives. We are being called to live lives of balance, light and integrity. If people or situations are no longer serving us we are free to "shake the dust from our feet" and move on. We must no longer be bound by an exaggerated sense of duty to toxic people or environments. So what area of your sacred life needs a bit of cleaning?

Wishing you peace & starlight in these magical times.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Releasing the vows that limit us.

We have all heard of them before, the classic monastic vows of: poverty, chastity, humility, silence and obedience. For those living a monastic life they might work pretty well, but for those on the outside of religious orders they can have difficult consequences to say the least!

In my work over the years as a spiritual counselor and Akashic Records reader, I have uncovered vows clients have taken in their soul’s history that sometimes have serious consequences. For example, I once worked with a client that was a lovely woman inside and out and had a loving husband who adored her. She shared with me that she always had difficulties around intimacy and her sexuality and various therapies had not helped her much. They were both very frustrated with this but were determined to not divorce and stick it out no matter what. She grew to dislike sex and even to view it as a “duty” but was surprised by this response. There was also a part of her that enjoyed it and it was as if she was at odds with herself. I did a reading and discovered a lifetime (several actually) where she was a nun and had taken the traditional vows including a vow of chastity. She had also had lifetimes where she had encountered sexual abuse. Those elements when mixed together proved to be highly combustible. In just two sessions we were able to uncover these vows and to release them. Over the next few months she shared with me that she was slowing opening up to her husband and was enjoying their intimate time together much more. That part of her soul was healing and it was beautiful to see.

I have also encountered many talented massage therapists and healing arts practitioners that just couldn’t seem to get it together with their finances. They were “givers” and were often giving away their services for no charge or at a great discount. In spiritual counseling work it often was uncovered that these people either had taken poverty vows, had negative views about money being “unspiritual” or both. Oftentimes it is just the awareness of a pattern that is all we need to shift it. In my work with these clients, they discovered their true worth as practitioners and quit doing their work for free. While donating a percentage of one’s time to the community is a great way to give back, a balance in this area was indicated and had great results in their lives and in their bank accounts too!

In my own life’s journey the wounding that I carried around money was due to an emotionally impoverished childhood. I feel so blessed that I no longer carry the heavy weight and pain of those experiences! I also told everyone in my childhood that would listen that I was here to be a “Soul Doctor.” Interesting, eh? I did not even know that was a real path or practice until many years later when I started my Shamanic healing training. Our souls have wonderful and profound messages for us also if we listen to them.

So how can I clear and release any vows I am carrying you might ask? Take a moment to go into meditation and ask your personal Guides and Higher Self to guide you.

The following is a powerful invocation to help in this purpose:

“I _____, now break all vows, promises and commitments I have made – on any level, in any way from the beginning of time – that no longer serve my present soul purpose. I especially break all vows of poverty, celibacy, pain, lack, suffering, powerlessness, silence, obedience and invisibility. I NOW give myself absolute and total permission to follow my soul’s true path. And so it is! Amen.

Sometimes any vows we have taken are not obvious to us though we might be feeling the negative effects of them in our lives. In that instance working with a qualified Spiritual Counselor and Akashic Record reader would be indicated. This is my work and I offer my services to all in the blogging and Facebook community at a “friends and family” rate, since you are all my friends and family and I am very grateful.

May the truth be revealed to you and may it set you free. My next topic of discussion in this area will be soul contracts.

Wishing you peace & starlight in these magical times.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Heaven on Earth - #4

Today Guidance addressed the issue of overwhelm, especially in regards to helping those affected by the current natural disasters.

It is understood that there will be some days where you will be tired or more affected by inertia. We say this, a kind thought, a light thought however small, is very useful. There will be some that will be guided to do a "big" effort such as actually traveling to the affected areas to help. This is wonderful of course, but will not be the way for everyone. Give what you can, whether it is a few dollars or even your daily prayers.

It is also useful in these times to stay as positive and hopeful as possible. Attitudes of fear and doubt serve to add more pounds to an already heavy situation (i.e. Haiti and Chile.)

There will also be those that will analyze these disasters from an end-times point of view and try to ascribe all kinds of meanings to them. We say this, help your brothers and sisters the best that can you can in this now moment, and leave the analysis to one side. These type of issues are best helped with heart energies, not in over analysis. The relief effort should be on all levels; help with immediate physical needs such as food, water and medical care and then later on help will be needed in the rebuilding effort.

We leave you this day with peace unending. Aum. Shanti. Amen.