Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Westboro Baptist Church: an editorial

Hello dear readers. I am sure by now that many of you have heard of the antics of the WBC. They are the ones that picket the funerals of military personnel carrying their signs of hate and other various craziness. They even have enlisted young children in their mind-numbing campaign of darkness. I was saddened to hear that Al Snyder the father of a young man who died in Iraq, had to pay over $16,000 in legal fees to the church after his court victory was overturned by a judge on the grounds of the First Amendment.

This clearly has been an emotional issue for me and many others that I know. I am not a supporter of any wars, but will always support our troops as they are my brothers and sisters. I realized that anything that upsets and angers us, lowers our vibration considerably and can bring more of the same in to our world. So what is the proper response to something so heinous and ugly being carried out in our world? Guidance showed me today that we truly ARE all one. A cancer anywhere on the planet is a cancer that affects us all. The WBC are merely reflecting the darkness and hate that already exists in society and really putting it our face! There is no denying the kind of pain they are dishing out. These two middle east conflicts are also emotional issues for many people in the US, so picketing those funerals is really hitting people where they live, so to speak. On one level we can vilify these people for their evil actions, it's certainly easy to do. All of this negative talk and focus on them keeps their coffers full to keep them running to do even more harm. Energy is energy. It's like those kids in school always getting in trouble and the teachers who stated, "negative attention is better than NO attention at all." Look at what a mighty roar they are causing with just 75 members! What kind of mighty roar can we as lightworkers, spiritual folks and just plain good people do?

Sadly, groups like this will not be going away anytime soon. Instead of "fighting" them, perhaps we could love them just like the great Master Jesus Christ suggested? If we cannot bring ourselves to do that, ignoring them is a better strategy as it denies them of the juice that they desperately need to function.

Today I said a prayer for the WBC and I took back my energy from them. Back to feeling GOOD again and focusing on more of what I would like to create in my world.

Wishing you all blessings of peace and light.


  1. This is great Irma, yes, sadly there will always be those who refuse to step out of ignorance and hate and who insist on indoctrinating their young.
    But just because a child is in the atmosphere doesn't mean they will absorb the ignorance and hate, if they are a sensitive being it will eventually turn them off.
    I was raised in an environment of ignorance, religious extremism, and hate similar to this group's energy and the result was that it turned me off completely and set me on an entirely different path of seeking out the light.
    It also informed me of the level of ignorance, fear and desperation these people exist in, and they are in the weaker position, as you point out, so feeding their energy just gives them more power than they generate on their own.
    It is ironic to note that even though it is painful that these people protest at funerals, the soldiers who died were fighting for their freedom to do so.
    It might be the more courageous position for those family members to buck up and ignore the protests, holding onto the idea that they now continue to fight for freedoms in a different capacity.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful response Aine. It is good to know that there IS another way for those raised in that type of environment. Bless you for helping to heal that karma and be a light onto this world!

  3. Wow I wasn't aware of this. It breaks my heart to hear such a group exists that completely misrepresents everything Christianity stands for. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes sadly they do exist Ahahid but hopefully not for long. I just posted a link to a bay area school that WBC picketed. They all joined together in the spirit of LOVE and sang songs and celebrated their diversity, it was beautiful!