Friday, June 3, 2011

The Biggest Lightworker Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them.

Hello dear readers,
I'm sure many of you reading this piece are familiar with the term "Lightworker," but for those who are not, here is a definition: A person driven and motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves peoples' lives, and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness. ~ Wikipedia

Lightworkers are also often skilled in teaching, writing, intuitive development and/or healing and energy work. Other popular terms are "Starseed," which is someone that has soul origin from planets or galaxies not on Earth and also "Indigo Children." Indigos primarily began incarnating here in the late 60's, though there are Indigos throughout history in all age groups. Adult Indigos are also here to create change, transmute negativity (often starting in their own birth families,) and bring healing and light to the planet. For more information about Indigo children and adults, you may do a google search and also check out the work of spiritual teacher and writer Celia Fenn.

I have been involved in the holistic healing, Lightworker and Starseed communities both in-person and online for many years now and have certainly seen my share of the good, the bad and the just plain bizarre. I have also often felt sad, frustrated and disappointed at times too. I am hoping that with any great movement of consciousness and change there will need to be "baby steps" taken in the beginning. I offer a guideline here of sorts, to help keep us all together and on track.

These are some of the primary pitfalls I have seen out there and they seem to have gathered steam starting last year. I am hoping that through love, patience with each other and awareness we can overcome these hurdles and create a unifed force of love, light and healing for the planet and ourselves.

1) The Lightworker & Adult Indigo "chip on your shoulder" club and support group:

Many Adult Indigos had a rough go with their family of origin. For the Pluto in Virgo generation (those that are in their early to late 40's now,) part of our generational karma is healing family "stuff" and wounding around being "not good enough." Many of us took on the shame, sexism and abuse that was handed down through our ancestry and it was painful and debilitating indeed. It is our responsibility to find a way to heal this, transmute it and get past it once and for all. This is the commitment we made before our incarnation to Source/Spirit, the planet and ourselves. While it is healing and beneficial to connect with others of our kind so to speak, we must be careful that we don't turn it into a pity party or do what the great Caroline Myss calls "Leading with our wound." For Lightworkers even if they do not identify as Indigos had to contend with being labeled a "freak" and/or a "wierdo" for most of their lives, which can also be deeply painful and create a fundamental distrust of the world and of most of the people in it. It is tempting to crawl into a safe little shell and trust no one, but like Indigos, Lightworkers also have a job to do, and in most cases it involves other people. To hide away from life and our true emotions keeps us stuck in our woundedness, in a shell of denial that may feel safe, but in reality there are other dangers to deal with there that can cause further harm.

2) Making it a "religion," with exclusivity and judgment:

Many Light workers, Indigos and the like have a deep-seated dislike or even an hatred of organized religion, and for good reason. Some of these souls may have even had religion forced on them as children; or even had to survive what could be called "religious abuse," involving fear, manipulation and coercion. Surprisingly I have seen a lot of behavior in the spiritual and New Age communities that resembles religion in many ways. For one, the "Us vs. Them" mentality that is so prevalent in many of the world's religions and has certainly caused much damage for thousands of years of our history and also the "our way is the ONLY way" type of thing. One explanation for this is that religion for many of us has been part of our conditioning and a type of default setting, and that we need to become of aware of any behavior that is exclusionary of ANY people, for any reason. We are entering into the powerful "Ninth Wave" of the Mayan Calendar which signifies "Unity Consciousness." It is time for any divisions based on belief systems to fall away, and never return. It makes the little ego feel good to be part of anything that feels "special" and not ordinary, but it is the ordinary, non-sexy things that we do every day that make up the reality of our lives. We always need to remember that we are in this boat together, and as Sting so aptly wrote, "We can all sink, or we'll all float."

3) Ego based judgment and in-fighting.

I actually saw a post some months ago by someone that is a prominent teacher and leader in the Starseed community. She quite vocally and aggressively called everyone out as a bunch of "new age wimps" and chided them for their passivity. Many of the people in the group identified as Empathic and/or Highly Sensitive People and were greatly disturbed by her message. I personally found it offensive and totally off-the-mark. Who are we to judge the path or karma of another? Needless to say I quietly removed myself from that group. I can understand that person's opinion and even their frustration, but also we need to remember that we are part of a great WHOLE and also trust that the Universe is intelligent and knows what its doing. Second guessing is not productive, and can even make us miss our mark spiritually.

The younger Indigo and Crystal folks at times have a more in-your-face approach and this is also reflected in their astrology. For many of them their mission involves tearing down old societal structures that are no longer working; especially in the areas of education and the environment. It becomes harmful when these folks have a lack of discipline and turn their energies against those of their own kind or just people in general. Healthy exchange of ideas and spiritual discourse is beneficial, ego-based attacks and fighting are not. Ego is very subtle and will use anything and everything to attain its ends, including spirituality. I feel the antidote for this is a regular and grounded spiritual practice that includes meditation and mind-training. If we do not have any idea how our own minds work, then we are susceptible to its distortions and illusions. As the great Lama Yeshe would say, we really need to "Check up!" on this.

I welcome your thoughts on this subject dear readers. I'm sure this subject will be continued in the future.

Wishing you all the brightest of blessings.

Irma Kaye Sawyer
Bright Star Blog


  1. Love hearing advice learned first hand. Thank you for sharing, Irma. Great post.

  2. Yes, that's indeed true... an indigo can get quite aggressive when fighting for truth & justice. In that sense they are spiritual warriors... However these souls also maintain in themselves & others, a certain sense of calm & serenity... especially with mature Indigos, who've already gained an understanding about who they are & their true natures & missions...

    -randi (f.b.)

  3. Thanks for your feedback Anon & Randi. :)

  4. Your writing resonates deeply with me. Thank you so much!


  5. I LOVE this message, Irma K! As so often these days it is right on time. I was just pondering the whole "not good enough" question and wondering if I'd ever get over it. Wondering how that thought got started. And voila! This resonates so much. Thank you, dear SiStar!

  6. Wonderful Irma...wish I could post this on LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and MySpace too.

    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.


    aimie halo

  7. I find that this rings true for removing negative behaviors from my life and replacing them with re-learned healthy and Love filled behaviors to mySelf, I find that I can give to others. Being so sensitive and aware/susceptible to energies of others' without the use of negative and blocking things is difficult for me. In finding the balance in which I can be productive without being drained, I seek to glean understanding and give it.

  8. Irma,

    I have found this so concise and speaks volumes for me. Dealing with family dynamics and work dynamics based on honoring my life force has been a pivotal lesson in my life to date. Yet, I think of the cost energetically of not sorting out these dynamics and I realise that all the ups and downs have been worth it. In the past year as you know I've been changing me and my behaviours and letting others be where they are at.

    Thank You Irma, the AWK and my spiritual guidance team for being wonderful mentors throughout :-) <3

  9. I think you & Lama Yeshe are right on about 'checking up' on the old ego thing...spirituality is probably the worst area for one up manship there is.

    I think Im gonna barf if I go to another talk, or read another book where the speaker/author begins by telling the audience how they have had some kind of special vision/powers since childhood and have been hounded or persecuted for it ever since.

    They may as well say 'right, before we start, Im special, I always have been, and you guys aren't.

    Everyone wants to be special. That's why we have all TV shows like bat/super/spider/six million dollar man. It taps into a fundamental human need to rise above our fellows and get ATTENTION!!

    indigo/crystal/octarine/diamond/starseed/starborn/walk-in people are some of the latest mythical wannabee 'specialties' it just goes on and on.

    I think the truly special are those who make no claims to super powers or royal indigo blood lines or being from another planet or whatever...and are humble enough to embrace being an ordinary human being in all its mundane glory.

    Thats pretty special.