Friday, March 18, 2011

"Supermoon" Full Moon & the Day of Miracles

Hello dear readers,

I hope this finds you well. This is to let you know that this weekend we are having a powerful event; both the "Supermoon" in Virgo and the Spring Equinox. This Saturday's Full Moon Virgo will be as close as it gets to Earth - called perigee, and in line with the Sun and Moon. Any New or Full Moon, that's very close to the Earth, is a "Supermoon," according to the man who coined it thirty years ago, Richard Nolle.

This gives the moon both extraordinary light and power. We are also celebrating the Spring Equinox, the first day of the Season of Spring - and the beginning of a long period of sunlight. In the northern hemisphere: MARCH 20 (the Sun crosses the Equator moving northward.)

The Sabian Symbol for this particular Full Moon is "Hidden knowledge from an ancient scroll," and this can refer to sacred or lost spiritual texts and also the Akashic Records. The astrology of this moon also is related to a group initiation.

With the events of last Friday in Japan there is no doubt that some powerful earth and spiritual changes are upon us. This weekend is an extraordinarily powerful window to create change both in our inner and outer worlds.

Please join me as we join our hearts, prayers and intentions towards Japan for a positive outcome in the current nuclear reactor disaster at Fukushima. March 19 for Buddhists is Chotrul Duchen, the Day of Miracles. Together let's make a miracle happen! Our world is depending on it.

Love & blessings to all.


  1. YES!!! Together let's make a miracle happen!!!

  2. I'm not "anonymous".... I'm Judy!

  3. I choose to focus on the miraculous aspect of our extraordinary celestial event and offer intention for the most benevolent outcome for all sentient beings here, there and everywhere. Blessed Be. Namaste.

  4. Yes... a miracle is happening! as so many human spirits understand and set intentions for the goodness love and peace of all sojourners on this beautiful blue planet. Namaste (:>)