Monday, June 8, 2009

EODM - Pappy & Harriet's 6/7/09

First of all I am typing today and not talking much on the phone because I screamed so much and so loud that now I am hoarse. Now that was a rock and roll show Ladies and Gentlemen!

Eagles of Death Metal are everything that is currently devoid in popular music. They ROCK, they aren't corporate or polished, they play what they want to play and they have Mr. Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes as their frontman. Can I get an Amen?

They are one of the best live bands that I have ever seen. Their CD's have a bit to be desired, with the exception of their second effort "Death by Sexy" which has their biggest tune to date "I want you so hard (boys bad news)."

Though they have some great musicians in the band, especially "Darlin" Dave Catching ripping it up on his flying V, they wouldn't be quite the same without Mr. Hughes. The man has stage presence and charisma for days, and you can tell he gets his influences from the real deals: Elvis, Little Richard, Mick Jagger and even a little bit of Prince. His stage persona is part put-on, part Evangelical minister, part crazy-man and it all works perfectly.

I went to this show after surviving a difficult week entailing a major snafu with a large corporate banking firm. To hear some great music in the middle of high desert with the ultimate "good time" band was just what the doctor ordered. My eye twitch even went away! I highly recommend seeing them when they get back from their European tour this summer.

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